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There are two options for shipping cargo from China to the US, sea or air, it depends on how big the volume and weight are, then you will decide which shipping method is more suitable. You have to calculate ration time/cost.

Shipping from China to the US

shipping cargo from China by sea

FCL by sea
FCL, or Full Container Load, is when your cargo fills an entire 20-foot or 40-foot container. If you’re shipping in bulk, you can save time and money by shipping FCL. FCL pricing is flat whether your container is completely full or not.

LCL by sea
LCL or less than container load means your cargo will not fill the entire container and will be shipped with other boxes or pallets. Please note that when you ship LCL, your cargo needs to be consolidated at the port of origin and unpacked at the port of destination.

This is the reason why LCL shipping takes several days than FCL shipping.

shipping cargo from China

Air Freight from China to USA

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if the following conditions are met:
Your cargo is less than 2 CBM and 200 kg
You are in a hurry to receive/send the goods

How long does it take to shipping cargo from China to the US?

Usually, it takes 1-35 days to ship from China to the United States, depending on the shipping method selected and the final destination of the goods in the United States. Express is the fastest option and takes 1-5 days. It takes 2-15 days for air freight and more than 15-25 days for sea freight.

As a general rule of thumb, here are the typical days it takes to ship a Shipping cargo from China to the US via various shipping methods.

1-5 days – via China Air Express
2-15 days – by air from China
15+ days – by sea from China to West Coast
25+ days – by sea from China to East Coast

Cost of shipping cargo from China to USA

Shipping charges can often be calculated based on the shipping method used by looking at the weight and/or volume of the item being shipped and the speed at which the item is being shipped.

Currently, the average shipping rates for various shipping methods range from:

Air Express from China to USA: USD 5-9 per kg
Air Freight from China to USA: USD 5 to 8 per kg
Sea Freight from China to USA: $3000-$3900 per container

shipping cargo from China

Factors Affecting shipping cargo from China fees

Shipping costs determine the cost of transporting goods from one point to another. Rates depend on the type of cargo being transported, the mode of transport, the dimensional weight of the cargo and the distance to the delivery destination.

The following factors determine the shipping cargo from China fees:

Dimensions and Weight

Size and weight largely determine your shipping costs. The distance and item covered also affects shipping costs. Therefore, you need to consider the exact dimensions and weight of the cargo. You’ll also need to identify the item you’re shipping.

Freight class

Freight class also affects your shipping costs. Your freight specialist can provide detailed instructions on freight classification. Basic freight classification guidelines for LTL shipping include:
weight, packaging type, shipment value, product susceptibility to damage, product load capacity, and

Handling features. Freight classification increases with the fragility and value of the product.

Volume and weight

Dimensional weight is an important factor in shipping costs, but it can be confusing. Dimensional weight is a standard formula used by shipping companies that takes into account the density of the cargo when determining the cost of shipping. In addition to gross weight, dimensional weight also determines shipping cargo from China fees.

shipping cargo from China

Insurance of shipping cargo from China to USA

Another important thing to consider when shipping from China is cargo insurance.

It is very important to purchase shipping insurance when shipping from China. This is because damage during shipping is very common. This is a reality you have to face and accept.
The only way you can protect yourself from all potential losses that you might incur due to damaged cargo is to purchase freight insurance. Without insurance, you cannot claim damage to the goods.

You can insure your cargo in a number of ways.
When you purchase goods via CIF Shipping, your goods are automatically insured. But you can’t assume, so it’s best to get a copy of the insurance policy.
You can also get shipping insurance through a freight forwarder. You can order insurance that covers the entire transit period.

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