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How long does it take for a sea shipping agent freight logistics china to transport to USA ports?This is to see where you want to send the goods. There are three kinds of sea transportation to American ports: American inland ports, American outer ports, and inland ports.

The time limit of American inland ports is much shorter, and it can reach the port in about 7-10 working days, but it needs to do import declaration and customs clearance at the destination port.

It usually takes 10 to 14 days at offshore ports in the USA. The inland ports and offshore ports of the USA are under the direct jurisdiction of the USA customs, so the customs clearance is also done by the United States customs, so the requirement for customs clearance capacity is relatively high. American bulk cargo by LCL sea transport is relatively much faster, generally, 3-4 working days can arrive at the port. The customs clearance of the inland ports of the UAS or the ports outside the USA can only be conducted by a sea shipping agent.

The WORD of American PORT DOES not NEED TO DO THE PROCESSING OF CUSTOMS CLEARANCE generally, TAKE the box directly to go! Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional, strong, good reputation of Matson sea shipping agent agency!


shipping agent
shipping agent


Advantages of our American line:

We have our shipping agent network in the USA, which can help the goods go through customs more smoothly

We have our seaport terminal to ensure that customers’ goods can be berthed at any time

Now enterprises attach great importance to the development of logistics because in many cases they need to transport goods, the use of logistics assistance will be much easier if you want to transport goods to overseas sales, then the corresponding transport line can not be ignored, this is very important. Now the use of the USA shipping line is also very common, so the use of the words will be reliable? Will the customs clearance agent be stable?

The use of a sea shipping agent is very reliable

Nowadays, there are many types of services that can be used and selected, and the development of the logistics industry is also extremely rapid. It is because of this that the use of sea shipping agent will be paid attention to by enterprises. There is no pressure in the process of transportation, and the transportation can be timely to the destination in a short time, ensuring timeliness.


freight logistics china
freight logistics china


The transportation is very stable

Many enterprises will focus on transportation, as it is now the United States the use of the sea freight will be very common, can guarantee the transportation of the goods stability after use, and there will be monitoring processing all the way, you can query the location of the goods in time, avoiding to ease transport problems, flexibility and reliability are very high.

The customs clearance agent is very stable

Formal and professional logistics companies will also bring support from customs clearance agents for overseas transportation services. Now, if we choose to use the sea shipping agent, we can also easily get support from customs clearance agents, and there will be no problems in handling procedures, and also ensure the efficiency of the transportation process and a high rate of customs clearance.

With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, to shorten the transportation time and improve the efficiency of transportation, major enterprises in this field will choose sea shipping agent. Choose formal and reliable company services, will get a good advantage.

The transportation time is very high

Sea shipping agent logistics transport speed can be said to be very fast, at the same time the cost is also very cost-effective than transit and other transportation methods to save a lot of time. It can be directly transported through the special line of sea transportation and can be directly transported in large quantities in the full container to avoid unnecessary losses in the process of freight transportation.

Improve the safety of logistics and transportation

If an experienced and capable sea shipping agent is selected to provide logistics transportation services, the safety of the transportation process can be ensured, because various risks caused by transit can be avoided and the transportation can be directly transported to the destination. The whole process of maritime transportation is relatively stable and the cost is much lower.


Sea shipping agent
Sea shipping agent


Select experienced logistics companies

Sea shipping agent logistics transport speed is really fast, but also can avoid the cross-border logistics of various risks, reduce the cost of transport. If experienced and reputable sea shipping agent are selected to provide dedicated line transportation services, they can get very good service experience and avoid unnecessary influence and trouble.

At present, more and more cross-border e-commerce businesses and enterprises will choose Sea shipping agent to provide services. The purpose is to improve the transportation time, reduce the risks in the transportation process, and solve the problem of high-cost pressure, which will be of great help and promotion to expand the overseas market.

Many enterprises will be dependent on overseas transportation services because the electricity business culture is developing very quickly now, and the flow of products the overseas risk is also increased, to guarantee the transportation of the goods without any pressure and problems, and to focus on overseas transportation service can, formal professional logistics company, can provide affordable is also very high。

what are the advantages of choosing a sea shipping agent now?

High application value

With the transportation of goods becoming more and more common, for many enterprises, it can also show many aspects of help and advantages, which is very trustworthy. The service of the United States Marine dedicated line can ensure the efficiency of the transportation dedicated line. Secondly, the transportation channel is also very safe and reliable, which can avoid the damage and loss of goods.


freight forwarder from China to USA
freight forwarder from China to USA


The security work is perfect

Choose the USA Marine dedicated line service, can give enterprises a lot of advantages, and the security is also very perfect because there will be 24-hour monitoring support, can protect the safety of goods in real-time, and will also be informed of the progress of the transportation WeChat, the whole transportation process is very reliable and professional, relieve a lot of pressure.

Special line transportation is more efficient

The carriage of goods by speed has many requirements of enterprises, so want to do overseas shipping, depends on the shipping line is a good choice, this is because the formal transport channel can ensure the transport limitation, handle customs clearance formalities, also can increase the rate of customs clearance, can complete transport work in a relatively short period.

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