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If you need to import goods from China to the United States, then you can’t do without a shipping agent in China.

What does a shipping agent in China do?

The shipping agent from China to USA make sure crew transfers happen seamlessly and ensure customs documentation and waste declarations are arranged with port authorities. They also provide the owner or charterer with real-time updates and reports for the port call or cargo operation.

Service Project of shipping agent in China

1. Cargo Hold Booking

Shipping agent in China know the best carriers to use to cover a specific area. Therefore, they can benefit the most from shipping their goods overseas or to other domestic markets.

2. Receipt

The shipping agent in China handles all the shipment for you, so you don’t have to look after anything. Shipping agents in China assist in transporting the goods from the supplier to the port.

3. Goods warehousing planning

Shipping agent in China have an array of warehouses in high-traffic areas. Their expertise lies in handling different types of cargo.

China shipping agent in Chinaagent

4. Preparation of shipping and export documents

To keep costs down, Chinese shippers consolidate several smaller shipments into one larger shipment. They are familiar with shipping documents because they handle a lot of cargo on a daily basis.

5. Picking up and unloading

The point in time when your goods arrive on time is critical for any importer. With a shipping agent in China, you can expect a smoother and easier process. Their services include loading and unloading your cargo at the port.

6. Customs clearance

It can be very convenient to have your agent handle customs clearance. They can also handle payment of import duties and GST/VAT on your behalf. After customs clearance, they will arrange delivery to your door.

7. Transportation tracking for inland transportation

One of the most important aspects of air freight is tracking the shipment. Shipping forwarders in China use systematic processes to track their shipments.

8. Insurance

A freight forwarder in China can help you insure your shipment and file a claim at the right time. So you can ship your goods with confidence.

shipping agent in China

The benefits that shipping agent in China bring to you

1.Saving time, money

As a business owner, your time is your most valuable asset. If you own it, your business will become more valuable and profitable. A shipping agent in China can help you avoid costly mistakes.

2.Improve efficiency

Shipping agent in China makes you to focus on your purchases and not worry about logistics. This way you can improve your import efficiency.

3.Reasonable price

Domestic buyers usually aim for competitive prices and high quality. As purchasing agents, they are familiar with the needs of international companies. Their knowledge will help you sign the best purchase contract. They also ensure that the deliverables are satisfactory.

4.Easy to communicate

As we all know, English is not the first language of China. This language barrier is faced by many people and is a major problem solved by hiring a shipping agent in China. They are usually local and can easily negotiate and communicate on your behalf.This saves you from a lot of trouble and confusion. The agent can easily translate and give you all the information clearly and accurately.

shipping agent in China

5.Avoid cultural misunderstandings

It prevents misunderstandings due to different cultures and languages. Agents who speak Chinese can communicate with potential producers. They can get the best deal without any misunderstandings.

6.Reduce risk

When you need to shipping from China to the US, there is always a certain level of uncertainty. Misunderstandings can arise because the supplier is in another country. A shipping agent in China can help you do your due diligence without taking too much risk.

Beware of scams, what you need to do:

Check China Shipping Agency’s License
The first and most obvious thing to do is to check the license of the shipping agent of your choice. However, sometimes you miss this step because it seems too obvious. If the shipping agent is not licensed and anything bad happens, no one will be held responsible for it.

View reviews from previous or current customers
What better way to check the reliability and performance of the best Chinese shipping agents than by asking past and current clients? They have first-hand experience with the agency and can tell you everything you need to know.It’s important to look at customer reviews to get a clear picture of the service provided in person.

Ask Best Shipping Rate
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