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Why is it so important to find a shipping agent from China to USA ? This one is a must if you want to easily import goods from China at an affordable price.

What is shipping agent from China to USA ?

A freight forwarder is someone who works with an agency or alone helps to transport the goods. They perform all the duties of transporting goods from one place to another. These duties include cargo pickup, customs clearance, loading and processing legal documents. He acts as the client’s representative.

shipping agent from China to USA

What can an shipping agent from China to USA do for you?

Organization and coordination

For example, some organizing transportation activities, designing transportation routes, selecting transportation methods and carriers (or cargo owners), coordinating cargo owners, carriers and their operations with warehouse custodians, insurers, banks, ports, airports, stations.

And yards Relationship with customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant quarantine, import and export control and other related departments.

Professional service

Shipping agent from China to USA can provide services such as contracting, delivery, assembly, consolidation, unloading and delivery of goods. Can handle insurance, customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control and other procedures.

Acting on behalf of the principal to pay and collect freight, advance taxes and government fees.

Communication control

Maintain effective communication between cargo transportation stakeholders and other relevant enterprises and departments.

shipping agent from China to USA


shipping agent from China to USA can provide clear advice to the client, assist the client to design, select an appropriate solution, and avoid unnecessary risks and waste.

Cut costs

You can choose the best transportation route, method and the best warehouse custodian, stevedore, and insurer for the goods. Try to be fair and reasonable for shipping. It can also reduce the business cost of the cargo transporter by benefiting all parties involved through the consolidation effect.

Financial intermediation

Instead of the consignee and the consignor, pay the relevant fees and taxes, etc., and settle the relevant fees with the carrier, warehouse custodian, and loading and unloading operators in advance. With credit and strength to provide them with cost guarantees and so on.

Cargo Insurance

What if you lose your cargo at sea? Who will pay for the loss? That’s why China agency shipping will also help you to insure your cargo.

shipping agent from China to USA

Preparing Files

A very important and difficult task is to prepare shipping documents. Agents are professionals and getting these documents right is no big deal to them. These documents include:

Landing Act

commercial invoice
certified product
Certificate of Origin
Assist in customs clearance

It is true that shipping agent from China to USA are very knowledgeable about Chinese customs and its regulations. Since they understand and are used to the process, they can process customs clearance quickly.

” Trap “of shipping agent from China to USA

Low price trap

Scammers know how to play with customers. They keep interest rates very low compared to the market, so they can attract people. After all, who doesn’t want to pay less for the same service? Companies and businesses are attracted by low interest rates and choose their services.

Delay tactics

A very common and hard-to-find trap is their procrastination tactics. There are so many processes involved that you can’t tell if they’re lying.Sometimes they complain that the goods are not arriving on time, that they are being loaded, that the goods have been shipped, that they have not even been loaded, and so on.

Hidden fees

After they complete their delaying tactics, the shipping agent from China to USA can come forward and say that the customs agent has not prioritized your shipment or is unwilling to clear it for shipment.

In this case, you are asked to bribe them, since you are not there, you cannot check it yourself, need to believe what they say and pay more.

shipping agent from China to USA

What kind of shipping agent from China to USA is trustworthy?

Company strength

I suggest that at least choose a company with a registered capital of more than 10 million. (Even if it is a subscription system, it doesn’t matter. The law does not matter whether you subscribe or actually pay, you have to bear the responsibility of 10 million.)

Logistics advantage

Different logistics methods have different advantages. For example, some logistics have more resources on American routes, and some logistics have more routes on European routes.
Some logistics have a faster delivery process, and some logistics have a low price but a longer transit time. Sellers understand their advantages and disadvantages.

In the face of different products and product distribution at different times, choose a more suitable Amazon FBA first-way logistics service.

Customs clearance level

A shipping agent from China to USA that provides customs clearance services can save us a lot of things. Customs clearance is a problem that sellers often need to encounter. Whether the customs clearance can be carried out smoothly is related to whether the products can be exported smoothly.

Company service

I want to make a statement. Service is worth the money.

I believe that everyone has the experience of shipping agent from China to USA. Before delivery, customers are gods. After delivery, freight forwarders become gods. You can pay for any problem before the payment is settled. After the payment, what? What did you say? I have a bad signal.

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