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Shipping agent from China to the US refers to the general term for providing various transportation services for cargo transportation needs and transportation capacity providers in the field of circulation.

Shipping agent in China refers to accepting the entrustment of the consignee, consignor or carrier of import and export goods, in the name of the consignor or in the name of the owner, accepting the entrustment of the owner, chartering, booking, stowage, making relevant documents, and customs declaration. , inspection, insurance, container transportation, unpacking, issuance of bills of lading, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, and even a series of services such as document negotiation and foreign exchange settlement, and receive service fees.

Shipping agent from China to the US serve whom?

Serve the consignee

When the consignee in a country has goods arriving, shipping agent from China to the US will provide import services for it, and the agent will go through customs clearance and customs clearance, and provide the bills of lading required for import such as: customs declaration, bill of lading, packing list, commodity inspection certificate, commercial invoice, etc. 

Shipping agent from China to the US

Serve customs

When an shipping agent from China to the US acts as a customs agent for customs formalities regarding import and export of goods, it represents not only his clients but also the customs authorities. In fact, in many countries, he has obtained the permission of these authorities to go through customs formalities and is responsible for the customs. He is responsible for declaring the exact amount, quantity and name of the goods in the documents issued in advance, so that the government does not have any problems in these aspects. suffer losses.

Serve the carrier

The shipping agent from China to the US makes a timely booking with the carrier, negotiates fair and reasonable fees for both the consignor and the carrier, arranges delivery at an appropriate time, and resolves issues such as freight accounts with the carrier in the name of the consignor.

The benefits of shipping agent from China to the US

1.Organization and coordination

Shipping agent from China to the US have historically been known as “designers of shipping”, organizers and coordinators of “door-to-door” shipments. With their transportation knowledge and other related knowledge, organize transportation activities, design transportation routes, select transportation methods and carriers (or cargo owners).

Shipping agent from China to the US

2. Professional services

By providing various professional services to the client, the shipping agent from China to the US can make the client not need to spend more thought and energy in the business field that he is not familiar with, so that the inconvenient or difficult to rely on their own power to deal with the appropriate and effective. , which helps to improve the work efficiency of the principal.

3. Reduce costs

Shipping agent from China to the US have rich professional knowledge and business experience, favorable negotiating position, and skilled negotiation skills. Through the efforts of international freight forwarders, they can choose the best transportation route, transportation method, best storage custodian, and loading and unloading operations.

People and insurers, strive for fair and reasonable rates, and even benefit all relevant parties through the effect of consolidation, thereby reducing the business costs of cargo transportation stakeholders and improving their main business benefits.

4. Financing

The shipping agent from China to the US and the freight forwarder, the warehousing custodian, the loading and unloading operator, the bank, the customs authority, etc. understand each other, have a close relationship, cooperate for a long time, and trust each other. International freight forwarders can provide fees, tax guarantees or risk guarantees to carriers, warehousing custodians, loading and unloading operators, banks and customs authorities, and can help clients to finance funds, reduce capital occupation, and improve capital utilization efficiency.

Shipping agent from China to the US

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