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A shipping agent China to US is a company, usually just an individual agent with an extensive logistics network, that organises the transport of goods from one destination to another, whether by land, sea or air.

There are a lot of things to do along the way to shipping from China to the US, and you must find some good freight forwarders to assist you in the transportation process. As with manufacturers, shipping companies can have a significant impact on business if they do not deliver goods to your customer base. So, you’d better find a shipping agent China to US who can provide you with a lot of services.

Shipping agent China to US

Tips for finding reliable freight forwarders in China

When looking for freight forwarders to handle shipments from China to the United States, it is important to carefully vet potential companies. Here are some tips for finding a reliable freight forwarder:

— Ask for recommendations from other companies that ship goods from China to the United States

— Check the company website and read customer reviews

— Contact the company and ask questions about their services, such as shipping times and customs procedures

– Obtain quotes from multiple freight forwarders to compare prices and services

Shipping agent China to US

Shipping agent China to US need to consider

When choosing a freight forwarder, the following aspects should be considered:

Industry expertise

Ideally, you work with a freight forwarder who can individually meet your specific logistics needs and situations.
When choosing a freight forwarder, you can consider the industry experience of the particular cargo, the primary destination, the global setting and offices near you, as well as the language used.

Customer evaluation

If you research shipping agent China to US on a platform, you can also view their reviews, how long they’ve been registered, and background information about their business.

Risk management

Global transport is influenced by a variety of economic and political factors. As a result, conditions can easily change. Your shipping agent China to US should be knowledgeable and able to plan ahead to mitigate risks and deal with problems that may occur.
Larger freight forwarders company may also have cargo insurance to cover their liability. Be sure to check beforehand.

Shipping agent China to US

Services provided

Depending on your logistics requirements, you may need a combination of transportation methods, warehouse storage of goods, and other logistics solutions.
Services you may require include freight insurance, pickup and delivery, customs clearance, inspection, (re) packaging and labeling, and warehousing.

Communication and customer service

Does the shipping agent China to US you choose speak your language? Are they responding in a timely manner and demonstrating a proactive, transparent, and solution-based approach?
Does the forwarder provide online tracking, notification, and customer service of shipments for problem solving and troubleshooting?

Licenses, certificates and permits

Freight forwarders are required to hold various licences, such as import and export licences to handle goods, and special licences to transport sensitive and dangerous goods.

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