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Before you shipping from China to USA, you must fully understand the steps of supply chain management, understanding, packaging, production, transportation, storage and warehousing. But if you hire a shipping agency from China to USA ,then these problems will become easier.

Without proper assistance, beginners face multiple setbacks and obstacles when shipping goods. China and the US are the two largest markets. Therefore, the influx of more and more goods makes it difficult to survive in the business environment.

What is a shipping agency from China to USA ?

A shipping agency refers to a person who accepts the entrustment of the owner and handles the customs declaration, handover, warehousing, allocation, inspection, packaging, transshipment, booking and other services on behalf of the owner. Forwarding agent, tally agent, storage agent, container agent, etc.

What services do shipping agency from China to USA provide?
Each China shipping agent offers different services. However, if you are looking for the best China freight forwarders, they offer all the services discussed below and more.

shipping agency from China to USA

Pick up
Your goods will be picked up from the supplier’s warehouse and delivered to the port by a Chinese shipping agent.

Cargo inspection
In order to ensure that the goods fully meet your requirements, you can also ask the Chinese shipping agency to inspect the goods. For this, you can make your request to them.

Secure storage facility
Shipping agency from China to USA also provides storage facilities. Sometimes, they will charge you some fee and put your stuff in their warehouse. Usually, this service is free.

Assist in arranging cargo insurance
What if your cargo is lost at sea? Who will pay for the damage? That’s why shipping agency from China to USA will also help you insure your cargo.

Solve any issues as your ground team
Since they are your local representative, they will handle any issues that may arise.

shipping agency from China to USA

Bundled service
If you are getting your goods from different suppliers, the agent will also offer bundling services to smoothly put everything in the right place.

Prepare shipping documents
Preparing shipping documents is a very important and challenging task. If the shipping agency from China to USA is professional, it is no big deal for them to prepare these documents. These

Documents include:
Bill of lading
commercial invoice
Certified product
Certificate of Origin
dangerous good condition etc.
Load the cargo into the container

Customs clearance
This is an important part of freight and logistics. No goods and items can transit through U.S. ports without customs clearance. A customs clearance officer inspects goods and shipments entering the country. Every shipment must comply with certain rules and regulations. The U.S. only allows shipping to standards set by governing bodies. Therefore, you need a customs clearance expert to prevent customs officers from interfering with the shipping process.

shipping agency from China to USA

How to avoid being scammed by shipping agency from China to USA?

Check the China Shipping Agency’s license

The first and most obvious thing to do is to check the license of the shipping agency from China to USA of your choice. However, sometimes you miss this step because it seems too obvious. If the shipping agent is unlicensed and something terrible happens, no one will be held responsible for it.

Check previous or current client reviews

What better way to check the reliability and performance of the best shipping agency from China to USA than by asking past and current clients? They have first-hand experience and can tell you everything you need to know.

Do background checks with those around you

If you can’t get in touch with a client, it’s best to look around and talk to someone who knows someone in the company or an agent who wants to deal with you. You can also talk to people in the market to learn about the company’s reputation. Word of mouth really says a lot.

Check his professional email/company logo, website and social media

See how professional this company is. There are several ways to do this.

Do they have professional email accounts?
Do they support a good company logo?
What is the impression of this site?
See how they are doing on social media?

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