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Auto parts products are in high demand all over the world, and on Amazon, the sales of auto parts are also very high. So many Amazon sellers are importing auto parts products from China. How to ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon?

Certification required to ship auto parts from China to Amazon:

Point Certification

DOT certification is mandatory, meaning all motor vehicles and accessory products sold in the United States must be DOT certified and have the DOT mark. This ensures the safety and compliance of auto parts products and helps sellers meet the platform’s requirements when selling on Amazon.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification is a quality management system standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization that aims to bring an organization’s internal operations to a world-class level through its quality management system.

Achieving ISO 9001 certification proves that a company’s quality management system meets international standards, increasing customer trust and willingness to work with the company.


ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon

ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon


3C Certification

3C certification is the abbreviation of China’s national compulsory product certification, is the Chinese government to protect consumer safety and national security, and strengthen product quality management, according to the implementation of a product conformity assessment system.

Getting 3C certification for auto parts products can help sellers meet platform requirements and gain more consumer trust when selling on Amazon.

However, each country and region has different certifications and requirements, and the specific certifications and requirements need to be done according to the local requirements.

So, our advice is that when you decide to sell such products, you must go to the local laws and regulations and platforms to learn their requirements, and choose the right certification and compliance program according to the actual situation.

For more information about ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon., please click on sellercentral.


ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon

ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon


For fast ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon, you need to know these:

Choose a reliable logistics company

Cross-border logistics service providers need to have a well-developed logistics network, professional logistics equipment, overseas agent qualification and customer service experience to be able to ensure on-time delivery of goods. You can choose a reliable logistics company by checking the reputation rating and service rating of professional logistics companies.

Confirm the terms and conditions of transportation

Before signing a contract with your freight forwarder, the terms and conditions of transportation on the contract must be clearly understood, including the terms of the quantity, weight, size, packaging, delivery time, shipping cost, payment method, etc. of the goods.

Besides, some countries may have some prohibitions or restrictions on shipping, you should understand them all in order not to make mistakes and to save your time and effort.

Check the packaging and logo

Auto parts products will inevitably have some dangerous goods or valuable accessories, for if you sell these products, then you need to ensure that the packaging complies with the relevant regulations and mark these corresponding signs on the packaging to avoid accidents during the transportation process. The most important thing is to ensure compliance with Amazon’s requirements.

Customs clearance

In the process of shipping from China to the United States, you must clear customs and pay taxes. Therefore, you need to fully understand the relevant regulations and procedures to ensure that the goods can be cleared and taxed on time to avoid delays or loss of goods due to problems. This is something you may be able to entrust to your freight forwarder who may have more experience in doing this for you.


ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon

ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon


Keep an eye on order status and sign-off

Throughout the process of shipping from China to the U.S., you need to keep an eye on the status of your order and sign-off to ensure that the shipment arrives at the Amazon warehouse on time and safely. If there are delays or other problems, you need to promptly communicate with the logistics company and Amazon customer service to resolve them.Ship Auto Parts from China to Amazon.

If you want to know more about Amazon shipping, please consult Amazon freight forwarder.
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