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Amazon FBA US has strict guidelines, and send to USA Amazon FBA can be complicated. Sellers need to be familiar with the relevant documentation standards, packaging requirements, labelling requirements and delivery rules.

Choosing a reliable Amazon freight forwarder can simplify this matter.

Send to USA Amazon FBA – Freight Forwarding Tasks
The freight forwarder shall be mainly responsible for:

Check the goods for damage,

Make sure and check that the item is packaged according to Amazon’s requirements,

Label products according to labeling rules,

Pack the goods correctly on the pallet,

Arrange a delivery date,

Ship the goods to the appropriate Amazon order processing center,

send to USA Amazon FBA

Using the services of the freight forwarding company can more completely complete the various requirements of send to USA Amazon FBA. More importantly, this will reduce the risk of rejection by Amazon FBA.

How to send to USA Amazon FBA?

China is a big manufacturing country, and there are many Amazon sellers in China, and even many Amazon sellers in the United States also source goods in China.
So how can these importers smoothly send to USA Amazon FBA warehouse from China ?

Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, depending on which one is more convenient for the seller:

express delivery

Items can be sent from China factory to Amazon warehouse via UPS, DHL, FedEX or other services. However, this method is not suitable for large quantities of goods, and it is more suitable for samples.

Air Freight, Fast Sea Freight, Slow Sea Freight

These three methods are suitable for large quantities of goods. Can be shipped directly using DDP.

The products will be shipped from China to the US by air, then go through the customs clearance process, arrive at the US port or airport, and then send to USA Amazon FBAA warehouse by courier or truck.

If you do not know which shipping method is best for you, please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with the best shipping solution.

send to USA Amazon FBA

How to prevent goods from being rejected by Amazon FBA Center?

The label of delivery should be clear

If there is a problem with the box label, falling off, lost, blurred or damp, these situations will basically be rejected by FBA. Even if it is received but FBA cannot identify the label, the goods will be lost, so the label should be clear and identifiable.

The carton should be unbroken and meet Amazon’s specifications

If the carton is damaged or seriously deformed, FBA will be rejected. The weight and volume of the carton exceeds the specified specifications, the weight exceeds 23kg, and the length, width and height exceed 63cm, which may also be rejected.

The pallet meets the specifications and cannot be damaged

FBA sea freight must have pallets (also known as pallets), no pallets, incorrect specifications or excess will be rejected by FBA. The pallet size is 1m*1.25m, can not be damaged, must use wrapping film, the height does not exceed 1.8m, and the weight must not be If it exceeds 680KG, otherwise it may be rejected.

The plastic bag conforms to Amazon’s official regulations

Amazon officially stipulates that FBA goods should use clear tape, and colored tapes such as yellow tape will be rejected by FBA. So a small amount of yellow tape will not be rejected, and the label will be clear.

send to USA Amazon FBA

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