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There are express lines and slow lines in the USA shipping, which are the USA Shipping Matson Express Line and the USA Shipping Yantian slow line. There are some differences between them. Let’s take a brief look at the characteristics of Sea Freight Services and the differences between fast and slow lines.

Sea Freight Services Advantages and Disadvantages of sea transportation:

Sea Freight Services Advantages:

The Sea Freight Services cost is low. The clipper ship is only one-third of the price of the empty ship, while the slow ship is cheaper, about one-fifth of the price of the empty ship.

Although Shanghai pie is slower than air pie, its time of delivery is not too slow. The clipper ship of Matsen can reach the United States in about 11-15 days, while the ship of Yantian can reach the United States in about 13-18 days.

customs clearance is convenient, and not so strict as air shipping, as long as we choose a good forwarder, commodity problems can be solved;

Safety is guaranteed. If the goods are damaged in transit, we can ask the forwarder to make compensation to the shipping company.

superior freight forwarder China to USA
superior freight forwarder China to USA

Sea Freight Services Disadvantages:

Long transportation time;

the Sea Freight Services  volume is large, the value of the goods to reduce the transportation cost must also be large to be arranged;

If the preliminary work is not done well, the problem of label scanning will affect the warehousing of the goods or even the warehousing;

The seller must comply with Amazon’s shipping and packaging standards for FBA product types. This kind of packaging standard is not necessarily suitable for their goods, so the rate of breakage is higher when the express delivery, and the proportion of return and replacement is higher.

Sea Freight Services,Introduction of Matson Express:

Matson Clipper, formerly a munitions Sea Freight Services company, began to enter the Chinese market in 2005, and opened the first Sino-US route (CLX1) in China, connecting Ningbo, Shanghai, and Long Beach in the United States. Matson sailed from the Chinese port of Shanghai to Long Beach (LB) in the western U.S.

According to the above route chart, there is no stop in the middle, but it goes straight to the west of America. The Matson clippers are usually at sea for about 15 days, so that’s pretty fast. Matson Clipper has its port (munitions background) and will not have the possibility of port cancellations during the traditional peak season like other ports.

Sea Freight Services
Sea Freight Services

Sea Freight Services Matters needing attention:

Transportable goods: electronic products, household products, toys, cosmetics, liquids, pure batteries, adult products, textiles (such as clothes, handbags, hats, etc.). Imitation brand infringement products do not connect;

Transportation time: the clipper ship will be delivered by UPS within 6-10 days normally, and it will take 1-2 days to sign for receipt in West America and 5-6 days to sign for receipt in East America;

goods loss and other problems and solutions: if the goods can not be completed customs clearance, non-product reasons according to the value of the compensation, the background shelves appear fewer goods, to assist in the investigation, provide a receipt certificate.

What are the shipping channels in the USA?

Shipping general cargo channel: Matson Clipper can reach double clear package tax within a limited time! 1 kg shipment, to undertake all kinds of general goods, built-in battery, magnetic, face mask (with the certificate required), domestic brand cosmetics, no limit on the number of products, the declared value shall not exceed $780, do not accept powder, liquid food and alcohol products

freight forwarder from China to USA
freight forwarder from China to USA

Shipping sensitive channel: Matson Clipper can reach double clear packet tax within a limited time! 1 kg shipment, can accept food (not meat), cosmetics, cosmetics powder liquid, masks, etc., no limit on the number of products, the declared value should not exceed 780 USD.

Shanghai channel: Matson Clipper to double clear package tax within a limited time! 21KG shipment, double clear bag tax, can go bulk groceries, with tape electricity, residential delivery surcharge 25 yuan/piece, reject sensitive goods,

Haika channel: 120KG shipment, double clear package tax, can go wooden box wooden frame packaging, suitable for oversized goods furniture, electric vehicles, and other truck delivery channel

What Sea Freight Services lines does the USA have?

With the increasingly close trade between China and the United States, maritime transportation is also an indispensable part. There are many special routes between China and the United States, such as the U.S.-East route, the U.S.-West route, and the U.S.-China route. These routes are common maritime routes.

matson maritime transport xiongda
matson maritime transport xiongda

the American East route and the American West route

From the point of view of the ports of the USA, the first is divided into the United States east and the United States West two routes, from the United States East, are mainly through New York and Savannah, on the way through the Panama Canal. From the western ports of America, usually Seattle and Long Beach, sometimes Oakland, or Los Angeles, depending on the actual route.

The US-China route is also an important shipping route. In most cases, the US-China part can also be counted as the US-East route. Technically, it is still the US-China route. Houston and Miami are both frequent U.S. and Chinese ports for shipping. On the way, they will pass through the Panama Canal and enter the Gulf of Mexico. For specific routes, you can refer to the China-U.S. shipping roadmap.

China Freight Forwarder
China Freight Forwarder

Chinese ports

The shipping ports China Freight Forwarder from China to the United States may be better known to you, which are in relatively prosperous coastal cities, such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Ningbo, and other cities.

Shipping is a logistics method for FBA in the United States. Because of its large transportation volume and low price, it is favored by the majority of businesses.

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