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Importing goods from China to the United States,sea freight from China to the US is always the choice of most people.Today we will talk about shipping from China to USA.

At present,cross-border sellers have higher and higher requirements for headway logistics,not only fast and stable,but also cost-effective.Therefore,the demand for fast sea freight from China to the US is becoming more and more obvious.

The use of fast ships for bulk cargo can reach 70-90%of its time at one-third of the price of air freight,which can not only meet the needs of stores for emergency replenishment,but also save a large part of the cost of logistics.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

There are three types of sea freight from China to the US:Matson Shipping,ZIM Shipping,Yantian Shipping,they can all provide faster logistics time,so how should we choose?

Matson shipping

It integrates the entire freight process,provides the advantages of the process and the exclusive terminal.Its most notable features are fast delivery and fast delivery.

It only takes about 12 working days to ship directly from Shanghai to Long Beach,USA.It is currently the fastest channel of sea freight from China to the US.

In addition to the fast time,Matson Clipper has its own exclusive terminal,and other companies of sea freight from China to the USuse public docks,so Matson  is more efficient in picking up containers.

In the peak shipping season,this advantage is the most significant,it is not easy to arrange warehouses,and it is stable.good sex.Because Matson is the fastest channel,the price is also the highest in sea freight from China to the US.

And it needs to be sent to Shanghai for loading after receiving the goods in other cities in China,which is not very friendly to other areas outside Shanghai.It will increase the domestic transportation cost.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

ZIM Shipping

With the appearance of the ZIM shipping,the South China region bid farewell to the history of no Clippers.The friends in South China do not need to go to East China to take the Matson.

Compared with the Matson,the advantages of the ZIM shipping are mainly in the region.and price.Ships can be loaded at Yantian Port,Shenzhen.

It is very friendly to cross-border e-commerce export enterprises in the Pearl River Delta,with fast shipment and low price,which is 1 to 2 yuan lower than Matson per kilogram.

The overall aging time of ZIM is about 2 days slower than that of Matson.The overall efficiency of the cabinets at the end is not as good as that of the Matson.sea freight from China to the US takes about 14 working days

After arriving at the port,the public port is used.Once it is in peak season,it may face port congestion and time delay.If Matson Express is suitable for export enterprises in cities around Shanghai,then ZIM is suitable for enterprises around the Pearl River Delta.

Of course,in the peak export season,if you want to reduce the rate of cargo warehousing,sea freight from China to the US,Matson is your better choice.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

Yantian Shipping

Finally,let’s talk about Yantian Shipping.Yantian Shipping has the lowest price among these three channels of sea freight from China to the US.If you want to save the logistics cost of sea freight from China to the US,Yantian Shipping is the first choice.

However,the time is the slowest compared to the other two.It takes about 16 working days to ship directly from Yantian,Shenzhen to the United States.

It also uses a public port.It is more suitable to use in the off-season of logistics,which can save more logistics costs for shipping from sea freight from China to the US.

Finally,let’s summarize the logistics timeliness comparison of these three channels:
Matson Shipping:Cut off orders on Friday and start the ship on Wednesday(that is,the delivery is completed this Friday and the ship will start next Wednesday)to arrive at the Port of Long Beach in 11 days,and can be picked up the next day.
ZIM Shipping:Orders will be closed on Saturday,sailing on Wednesday,arriving at the Port of Los Angeles in 13 days,and can be picked up the next day.
Yantian Shipping:The order will be closed on Wednesday,and the ship will sail on Sunday.It will arrive at the Port of Los Angeles within 14 days,and it can be picked up from 3 days to the next day.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

What ports are there for sea freight from China to the US?

The main shipping seaports in the US:
The Port of Los Angeles
The Port of Los Angeles is located on the Pacific coast of the United States and it is the country’s busiest port with a traffic of 9.46 million TEU in 2019.For the third consecutive year,the port broke its record for general cargo,making it the most important port in the Western Hemisphere.
In early 2020,it announced that its traffic was holding up well despite the dangers of the trade war between the United States and China.
It is a major gateway for international trade and plays a key role in trade between the United States and China,as well as with other major Asian countries,including Japan and South Korea.
The Port of Long Beach.
The Port of Long Beach is the second largest port in the United States with a traffic of more than 8 million TEU every year.It is known as the most environmentally friendly port in the United States.

Recent infrastructure and newly adopted measures have reduced diesel and gas emissions by 87%.
Located within a short distance of each other,the Port of Long Beach combined with the Port of Los Angeles are considered a gateway for trans-Pacific trade with Asia.

It is essential for with some of the fastest-growing economies in the world.It is also one of the few ports in the country large enough to accommodate the world’s largest ships.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

The Port of New York&New Jersey
The Port of New York and New Jersey is the third busiest port in the United States with a yearly traffic of 7.2 million TEU.

It is also the largest port on the entire east coast of the country and a key gateway to the American economy and to one of the most concentrated markets in North America.Following a sharp increase in TEU volumes in recent years,the port authority announced in 2019 a 30-year expansion and renovation plan aimed at increasing the port’s capacity to handle the world’s largest ships and equip its quays with the latest generation of equipment.

The project also includes deepening the shipping lanes and the stated goal is to consolidate the region as the second largest trade hub in the United States.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

Which goods cannot be shipped by sea freight from China to the US?

Below is a list of prohibited items by sea freight from China to the US.
live animal
Perishable goods(fruits,vegetables)
flammable cargo
cleaning products
lithium battery
flammable products

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If you have other questions about sea freight from China to the US, you can contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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