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Sea freight LCL to USA means that when the exported goods are not enough to use one container, multiple goods destined for the same destination are assembled into a whole container for transportation. (The FCL in LCL is composed of goods from multiple different consignors and consignees.)

Sea freight FCL to USA means that the exported goods are enough for one container, and the cargo in the box is the goods of one consignor. The FCL is generally divided into 20GP/40GP/40HQ. The whole container is the goods that the consignor is responsible for packing, counting, filling out the shipping order, and the customs seal the goods.

Sea freight FCL to USA

The unpacking of the Sea freight FCL to USA is generally handled by the consignee, and the carrier can also be entrusted to unpack the container at the freight station, but the carrier is not responsible for the damage or shortage of the goods in the box, unless the cargo party proves that it is the damage caused by the carrier’s responsibility accident. The carrier is responsible for compensation.

As long as the appearance of the Sea freight FCL to USA is similar to that of the container and the lead seal is complete, the carrier has completed the task of carrying. The cost of LCL includes sea freight, warehouse fee, and LOCAL CHARGE. The cost of the whole cabinet includes sea freight, port miscellaneous charges, warehousing fees, interior loading fees, etc.

What is the difference between Sea freight FCL to USA and LCL?

1. Sea freight LCL to USA cost

There are different standards for calculating the cost of LCL. For example, heavy goods are generally charged according to weight tons, light foam goods are charged according to size, some high-value commodities are charged according to a certain percentage of the FOB value, and some commodities are charged according to a mixed method, such as first according to weight tons or size Tons will be charged, and then some ad valorem freight will be added.

The LCL freight is only the basic freight, which is divided into two ways according to volume and weight:
(1) Calculated by volume, X1=unit basic freight (MTQ)×total volume
(2) Calculated by weight, X2=unit basic freight (TNE)×total gross weight
Take the larger one of X1 and X2

Sea freight FCL to USA

2. Sea freight FCL to USA cost

FCL freight consists of sea freight from China to the US, port miscellaneous charges, warehousing charges, interior packing charges, some goods also have direct loading charges, reinforcement and other charges.

The FCL freight is divided into three parts, the total freight = the sum of the three parts.

(1) Basic shipping fee = basic shipping fee per unit × number of full boxes

(2) Port surcharge = unit port surcharge × number of full containers

(3) Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × number of full boxes

Sea freight FCL to USA

3. The difference between Sea freight FCL to USA and LCL

The form of LCL is to directly transport the goods to a designated place, and the freight forwarder will arrange for a unified container to be loaded.

For the Sea freight FCL to USA, there is an additional step of picking up the cabinet. We need to pick up the cabinet by ourselves. If the freight forwarding company does not provide us with customs declaration and towing services, we have to find an agent in advance to help us with customs declaration and towing.

4.Differences in Customs Declaration between FCL and Sea freight LCL to USA

Because there are many goods in the container of LCL, as long as there is a mistake in the documents of one of them, the customs will not release it. Affect the transit time of other goods in the same container.
There is only one shipment for the Sea freight FCL to USA, and it can be released after the customs declaration is passed. Therefore, the customs clearance time of LCL is longer and more complicated than that of the whole container. In addition, customs clearance takes a certain amount of time, usually within one working day.

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