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Cross-border e-commerce Amazon opens a store, are you using Amazon fba delivery service? Have you ever encountered the situation that the goods were rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse? Do you know why?

1. Amazon broke its position

Every special event day, peak season promotion points, etc., Amazon’s main FBA warehouses are prone to liquidation. Once the warehouse is exploded, the goods were rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse.

2. Temporarily canceled by Amazon

After the goods were delivered, I was suddenly notified that the appointment was deleted by the Amazon warehouse, which caused the goods to be the goods were rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse after arriving at the Amazon designated warehouse.

3. FBA warehouse system problems

Sometimes there are bugs in the Amazon FBA warehouse system, which causes the goods to be the goods were rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Rejected By The Amazon FBA Warehouse

Rejected By The Amazon FBA Warehouse


The seller’s operation does not meet the specifications and the reason for rejection

1. The shipping packaging does not meet Amazon’s regulations

Frequently asked questions are:

(1) The carton packaging is damaged, deformed, or graffitied.

(2) The weight and volume of the carton exceeds the specified specifications of the warehouse.

(3) If the outer box has oil stains, there is no MADE IN CHINA inside and outside the box, and the carton jacket has sacks, etc., it is also easy to be rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse.

2. The problem of sealing tape

The FBA warehouse only accepts transparent shipping super glue. If nylon ropes, elastic bands, staples and other outer packaging are used, they will be rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse.

3. Problems with the product itself

The product has a relatively strong smell, such as nail polish and so on.

Rejected By The Amazon FBA Warehouse

4. Label problem

The label needs to meet the warehouse’s identification requirements for the goods, including: commodity label FNSKU and shipment label. If the label does not match, or the label falls off or is blurred, and cannot be scanned and identified, it will be rejected by the FBA warehouse.

5. The product size exceeds the standard

FBA warehouses are classified into large cargo warehouses and small cargo warehouses. Therefore, Amazon will require sellers to fill in the actual package size and volume when applying for FBA warehousing, so as to prevent errors in the establishment of the label, resulting in rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse.

The logistics provider refuses to accept due to improper operation

1. The delivery address does not match

The seller establishes an FBA warehousing application in the background of the system, and the goods must be delivered according to the warehouse building results of the Amazon system, otherwise they will be rejected.

2. The delivery model does not match

Amazon warehouses have certain requirements for delivery models, so logistics providers need to make delivery arrangements according to the requirements of each FBA warehouse for the model when delivering goods.

3. Truck delivery without advance reservation

The goods are sent to the FBA warehouse. If it is delivered by express delivery, it can be delivered directly without an appointment. However, if it is Kapai, you need to make an appointment on the Amazon website or email in advance, and after obtaining the FBA ISA, deliver according to the instructions and time of the ISA; if you deliver rashly, the goods will be rejected by the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Rejected By The Amazon FBA Warehouse

4. The cabinet is damaged

For example, the cabinet is damaged and the goods are rejected

5. Pallet delivery, the pallet does not meet the requirements

FBA warehouses also have requirements for pallets:

(1) Pallets are made according to Amazon’s standards, and there are holes on all sides. If there are log pallets, they must be fumigated;

(2) The entire pallet of goods needs to be wrapped with a transparent film, and cannot be turned upside down;

(3) The goods should not exceed the pallet area and the height should not exceed 1.8m; the United States: 1.2m*1m*1.8m, the weight limit is 680KG; Canada: 1.2m*1.2m*1.7m, the weight limit is 680KG.

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