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When you import goods from China to the US, you have found a good supplier and your product is ready to ship. What’s next?

Although there is still a lot to deal with. But first, you need to find a reliable freight forwarder in China to USA to help you with the shipping process. Like product suppliers, freight forwarders can make your business. Therefore, it is very important that you need to find a trustworthy freight forwarder in China to USA that can satisfy you.

Services provided by freight forwarder in China to USA

Each freight forwarder in China to USA provides different services. However, if you are looking for the best Chinese shipping agent, they will provide all the services discussed below, and maybe more.

Pick Up

Your goods will be picked up from the supplier’s warehouse and delivered to the port by a China shipping agent.

freight forwarder in China to USA

Cargo Inspection

To ensure that the goods fully meet your requirements, you can also ask the China shipping agent to inspect the goods. For this, you can give them your requirements.

Safe Storage Facilities

The freight forwarder China to USA also provides storage facilities. Sometimes, they will charge you some fees and put your things in their warehouse. Usually, this service is free.

Assist in Arranging Cargo Insurance

What if your cargo is lost at sea? Who will compensate for the loss? This is why the freight forwarder in China to USA will also help you insure your cargo.

Solve Problems

Since they are your local representatives, they will deal with problems that may arise.

Bundle Service

If you get goods from different suppliers, the agent will also provide bundled services to put everything in the right place smoothly.

Prepare Shipping Documents

A very important and challenging task is to prepare shipping documents. If the freight forwarder in China to USA is professional, it is not a big deal for them to prepare these documents. These documents include:

Bill of lading
commercial invoice
certified product
Certificate of Origin
Dangerous good condition etc.
Pack the goods into the container
Customs Clearance

freight forwarder in China to USA

Indeed, Chinese shipping agents are very familiar with Chinese customs and their regulations. Because they know and are used to this process, they can quickly clear customs. Thanks to their expertise, they saved time for the whole process.

Due to the experience of shipping agencies in China, all processes are streamlined and completed quickly and efficiently. This can save a lot of time.

What can a good freight forwarder in China to USA bring you?

All processes are simplified and completed quickly and efficiently due to the experience of China Shipping Agency. This can save a lot of time.
Choose the best supplier:

A good freight forwarder in China to USA can help you find better suppliers with a more scientific approval process, including supplier prequalification, background checks and factory audits.
Facilitate new product development:

You’ll spend a lot of time developing samples, communicating, and problem-solving, and those things will frustrate you. Chinese proxies are clearly doing a good job of these things and are more efficient.

Perfect product specification system

Most buyers always expect the factory to provide you with more professional service. Unfortunately, many factories do not have professionals to handle these. Therefore, a good Chinese sourcing agent can help you pay attention to details.

freight forwarder in China to USA

Quality Control

Of course, freight forwarder in China to USA also pay attention to quality details. They know better how to check the quality and how to communicate with the factory when the goods have quality problems. This will save you a lot of time.

Reduce payment risk

A good freight forwarder in China to USA always pays attention to their reputation so that you can get better protection when dealing with them.

Get out of trouble quickly

When there are problems with your products after sale, think about it, how to solve these problems quickly by email? If you have a purchasing agent in China, he can stand on your side to protect your interests.

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