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Nowadays, there are more and more sellers doing foreign trade, and logistics cost is also an important expense. Saving logistics costs is also particularly important. Nowadays, the main transportation methods are air freight from China to USA、ocean shipping from China to USA or express, so how to choose?

The main ways to shipping from China to USA are by sea and air.

The advantage of the ocean shipping from China to USA is cheap, and the freight rate is obvious for large products; the air freight line is cheaper than the international express, and the timeliness is more guaranteed.

ocean shipping from China to USA

The difference between ocean shipping from China to USA and air freight

1. Different carriers

Air transport: means of transport: Air transport uses the airline’s aviation aircraft as the means of transport, and the mode of operation is from airport to airport;While by sea, the ship of the shipping company is used as the means of transport, and the mode of operation is port to port.

Ocean Freight: ocean shipping from China to USA is cheaper than air freight, but it takes longer. If you choose large and heavy cargo, ocean shipping may be your best option.

2.Different rates

although the logistics time of air freight is fast, the transportation cost is high, so the cost is relatively expensive; while the international shipping cost is low, so the tariff is relatively low.

3. Different transportation time

Due to the difference in the means of transportation, the air transportation resistance is the least and the transportation route is the shortest. Because the air boost is far less than the frictional resistance between the water and the ground, the direct distance of air transportation is also much smaller than the ocean shipping from China to USA. As a result.

there are great differences in the logistics timeliness when they arrive in the same country. International air transport uses aircraft, which has fast timeliness, while ocean shipping from China to USA uses ships, which has slow timeliness.

ocean shipping from China to USA

4. Different forms

Transport subject: The main body of air transport is major airlines and logistics companies, such as Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, etc., and the goods are transported to the designated destination through these international airlines;

The main body of ocean shipping from China to USA It is a major shipping company, such as Maersk, Evergreen, etc., the goods are delivered to the designated destination through these shipping companies.

Air waybill: (single fee is changed from RMB 300-1500)
1. Once the name is confirmed, it cannot be changed. Large product names (machine parts, auto parts, etc., are not accepted).
2.Shipper: Generally, it can be changed, but individual airlines cannot. Exchange fees vary depending on the route, airline and airline.
3. Consignee: Generally, there will be changes. Exchange fees vary depending on the route, airline and airline.

Bill of Lading:
(1) The modification fee is generally one document fee + other (European line + ENS, Amtrak + AMS).
(2) Generally, it can be changed, except for Iran. Because Iran must provide correct bill of lading information and provide a letter of guarantee before booking the class.

ocean shipping from China to USA

Inspection method: When the goods are transported by air, the principle of “inspection before entering the warehouse” is implemented, and the speed is fast; sometimes it is necessary to pick up and unpack the box by sea, which is time-consuming and costly.

Customs clearance method: There is not much difference between the two in the customs clearance process, but there is a big difference in the time. International air freight clearance is usually done within 1-2 days, while ocean shipping from China to USA takes about 3-4 days, and it may take longer.

In addition, in terms of miscellaneous fees, declaration documents, etc., international air freight is less than ocean shipping from China to USA . For example, when exporting to the United States, sea freight needs to declare AMS (American Anti-Terrorism Manifest System), but air freight does not.

Everything has two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages.The advantages of ocean shipping from China to USA : low price and large carrying capacity; deficiencies of sea transportation: limited by climate and supporting facilities, due to the large size and resistance of ships sailing at sea, the speed of sea transportation is slow.

The advantages of air transportation are: fast speed, high safety, and strong cargo tolerance. Disadvantages are: expensive and many uncertainties.How to choose depends on the characteristics of the goods and your own needs.

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