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90% of the world’s trade is done by ocean freight service, and China to USA shipping is no exception.

Ocean freight is one of the main international logistics methods from China to the United States. It is a complex process that requires attention to many details. Here is some information about ocean freight services from China to the United States.

China to U.S. Ocean Freight Service

Choosing the right port

First of all, the first problem of ocean freight services from China to USA is to choose a suitable port.

In China, compared with the largest ports in cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, the ports in northern China are smaller in overall size and less efficient in logistics and transportation due to the limitations of weather, water depth and other natural conditions.


Ocean Freight Service


Therefore, when you choose a supplier, you should choose some close to large ports, especially ports with busy routes, stable operation and perfect infrastructure, such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin and other ports, in order to ensure the smoothness of maritime logistics and the safety of goods.

 Provide appropriate cargo packaging

China to the United States ocean freight services need to provide suitable packaging to ensure that the goods will not be damaged in the sea transportation process.
The best case scenario is that the goods are prepared in the manufacture of wooden boxes, plastic bags and other packaging to prevent leakage, wet and damaged.

Choose the appropriate mode of ocean freight service


FCL is a mode of transportation in which goods are loaded into one or more containers and then transported to the destination under the mutual coordination of various ocean freight forwarders.


LCL shipping mean


FCL is one of the common modes used in the transportation of personal effects or commercial goods. This mode of transportation is generally applicable to the case of large volume of goods, and a large amount of goods can be transported at one time, which saves the cost of using containers.


LCL means that at the transit station, a small amount of cargo is grouped into the same batch of assembled, stacked and delivered to a transportation vehicle for attention.

This mode can realize complementary advantages in cargo sharing and cost sharing, but it is limited by factors such as smaller order quantity of LCL, increasing long-distance bulk cargo, increasing pressure of route selection and cooperation.

Customs declaration

Since China and USA is a transnational trade, goods need to go through customs clearance procedures to enter the U.S. market. Fast and accurate customs clearance procedures can avoid the loss and misdirection of goods caused by the excessively long sea transportation cycle.

Final Delivery

After the goods arrive at the U.S. port, final delivery is required.

This process is handled by the domestic freight forwarder or foreign logistics company. After the consignee receives the goods, the goods will be further inspected to ensure that the goods are not damaged or incorrect.


Ocean Freight Service


Overall, preference should be given to experienced freight forwarder companies that offer high quality services to ensure smooth transportation of goods.

By effectively executing the chosen mode of transportation, the goods can successfully reach the US market without being damaged, lost or having other problems along the way.


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