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The ocean freight rates from China to the US is the cheapest of all shipping methods.

Due to the relatively large trade between China and the United States, there are also more international transportation between the two places. When it comes to the price list of shipping from China to USA, everyone should know how to calculate the ocean freight rates from China to the United States.

Ocean freight rates calculation method

The composition of the freight to the port by sea:

The ocean freight rates of FCL container to the United States consists of: O/F+ORC+AMS+DOC+TLX. That is, “sea freight + cargo pickup fee at the port of departure + automatic manifest declaration fee + document fee + telex release fee”.

The ocean freight rates of LCL shipping to the United States consists of: O/F+CFS+DDC+AMS+ISPS+warehousing fee+fee+DOC. That is, “sea freight + LCL fee + delivery fee at port + automatic manifest declaration fee + port security fee + warehousing fee + fee + document fee”.

The calculation method of shipping double clearing to the door is simple and clear. The direct bulk cargo LCL is billed according to the volume and weight, and the whole container is calculated according to the container type.

ocean freight rates

Components of ocean freight rates

International ocean freight rates are generally composed of basic rates and surcharges.

The surcharges for different routes are different.

The most basic ocean freight rates has a fuel surcharge (when the fuel price suddenly rises)

Currency depreciation surcharge (when the currency depreciates, the actual income of the ship will not be reduced, and it will be charged according to a certain percentage of the basic freight rate)

Transshipment surcharge

Overweight surcharge

Port surcharges, etc.

Basic tax rates are divided into grade tax rates, commodity tax rates, ad valorem tax rates, special tax rates and flat tax rates.

Moreover, the ocean freight rates will be constantly adjusted and changed, and it may be different every time you ask, and the charges for different routes are also different.
Generally, shipping companies will adjust the freight around the beginning or middle of each month, and all ships have their own main routes.

Generally, shipping companies do not have time to connect with private customers one by one, because there are too few goods and too many processes. So your best bet is to find a freight forwarder.

ocean freight rates

Factors affecting ocean freight rates from China to the US

1. The characteristics of the goods

The impact of goods on international ocean freight rates is the greatest. In the process of goods transportation, it is mainly affected by the value, nature and weight of the goods.

Generally speaking, if the goods are more expensive or dangerous goods, the freight will be relatively high. In addition, if the goods are heavy and affect the space and tonnage of the ship, the freight will be relatively high.

2. Market situation

The structure of the shipping market is one of the main factors affecting the ocean freight rates . If the transportation market is monopolized, the competition among shipping companies will be fierce, and the ocean freight will have a greater impact.

At the same time, the shipping of goods is also divided into off-season and peak season. If the number of goods accepted by the shipping company is relatively large during the peak season, the natural quotation will rise.

3. Freight forwarding company

The level of international ocean freight rates has a certain influence on the freight forwarding company. Many importers and exporters have a stereotyped impression of the freight forwarding company to help with related business.

But in fact, many large freight forwarding companies can enjoy preferential ocean freight rates, because the business volume between the international freight forwarding company and the target shipping company chosen by some cargo owners is relatively large.

And the relationship between the freight forwarder and the shipping company is relatively good. Shipping companies may give certain discounts.

ocean freight rates

4. Port routes

Different routes have different sailing conditions and have different impacts on ocean freight rates . The route distance, weather conditions, safety, etc. will also be displayed in the freight rate.

Port conditions that affect freight rates include port loading and unloading rates, port commissions, port loading and unloading equipment, berth conditions, loading and unloading efficiency, management level, congestion, and safety.

5. Terms of the contract of carriage

The transportation conditions stipulated in the transportation contract, such as the method of payment of freight, the responsibility for the expenses, the responsibility range of the carrier, etc., will affect the level of the freight rate.

6. Exchange rate

Ocean freight rates is mostly settled in US dollars, so it will be affected by exchange rate fluctuations at that time.

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