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The ocean freight from China to the US has a large carrying capacity and low cost, which is suitable for the transportation of large cargo. However, the transportation time is slow, and the seller needs to make transportation arrangements in advance.

Ocean freight from China to the US is divided into two modes: FCL and LCL, and the options are very flexible. Sea freight from China to USA takes about 15-25 days, and 20-35 days to the east of the United States.

Less than container load (LCL)

For smaller shipments, you can ship ocean freight as a less than container load. In this case, your freight forwarder will combine it with other shippers’ shipments and hire a carrier to ship it in a container from China to the US.

Ocean freight from China to the US

Full Container Load (FCL)

If you are shipping enough to fill a container, Full Container Load (FCL) freight service will save you money compared to LCL shipping. FCL means that your goods will occupy separate containers. Also, you should be able to get your cargo from China to the US faster since there is no need for consolidation/deconsolidation of the cargo.

LCL Ocean freight from China to the US

There are many sellers whose goods are less than one container, so they generally choose LCL shipping from China to USA. The transportation procedure of LCL is much more complicated than that of the whole container, and the relative mobility of freight is also relatively large.

Even though there is a public market price for LCL shipments, the surcharges vary widely by each shipping company. So there is a slight difference in price. Many foreign traders will inquire about the overall price at the beginning, and do not give complete product information, thinking that the relatively transparent market environment is just a price war.

Ocean freight from China to the US price

Different export ports and destination ports have different charging standards, but the pricing method of shipping prices from China to the United States is the same.
Generally, the price of slow boats ranges from 7-10RMB, which will vary according to off-peak seasons or other actual conditions. The price of fast ocean freight from China to the US will be a little more expensive than that of slow shipping, but the time limit will be much faster, and the price generally changes around 9-13RMB. For details, you can consult Xiongda International Logistics.

Ocean freight from China to the US

Algorithm for FCL and LCL

FCL: The FCL Ocean freight from China to the US is divided into three parts, and the total freight = the sum of the three parts.

1. Basic freight Basic freight = basic freight per unit × number of full boxes

2. Port surcharge Port surcharge = unit port surcharge × number of full containers

3. Fuel surcharge Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × number of full boxes

LCL: China Ocean Shipping and US LCL freight only has basic freight, which can be calculated in two ways based on volume and weight.

1. Calculated by volume, X1=unit basic freight (MTQ)×total volume

2. Calculated by weight, X2=unit basic freight (TNE)×total gross weight

When the freight forwarding company calculates the shipping price from China to the United States, if the weight and volume of the shipment are not the same, they will choose one of the two. The large volume will be charged by volume, and the heavy weight will be charged by weight.


Ocean freight from China to the US

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