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The main modes of transport from China to USA are sea transportation and air transportation. After arriving in the United States, it will be transported by ground transportation.

Modes of transport from China to USA

Air freight from China to USA

  • Speed is the biggest advantage of air freight. Flight delays of more than a few hours are rare, and air freight has more direct routes than road, sea or rail.
  • The time of air freight is controllable, and delays are rare compared to sea freight.
  • The security of air freight is much higher than other modes of transportation, and packages can be subject to the strictest protection measures.
  • Air freight is less risky and insurance costs are cheaper than sea freight.
  • Air freight is suitable for urgent shipments of goods.


Modes of transport

Modes of transport


International express such as UPS, Fedex

In this way, the freight does not include tariffs, and the shipper needs to deliver the goods to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarder and declare customs clearance in the form of express mail.

Suitable for goods with a circumference not exceeding 310CM


Modes of transport

Modes of transport


 Sea freight from China to USA

  • This is the best way to transport large and heavy cargo. Cargo ships can carry thousands of tons and are ideal for oversized or bulk products
  • It is cheaper than air transportation. And it’s more environmentally friendly
  • Requires minimal processing
  • Slow-moving vessels mean less chance of cargo damage
  • Shipping is rarely affected by weather conditions
  • It has the highest carrying capacity of all freight options
  • Maximum shipping capacity


Modes of transport

Modes of transport


Bulk cargo logistics line

  1. Bulk cargo and small package channels (delivery within the United States is delivered by international express delivery, the first leg is air or sea freight, and customs clearance is required in the form of express mail).Suitable for goods with a circumference not exceeding 310CM
  2. Oversized bulk cargo (card delivery is used in the United States, and the first leg is basically shipped by sea. The most time-efficient channel is to ship to the West by sea first, pay for customs clearance or document).Suitable for goods with a circumference exceeding 310CM

In this way, the quotation includes double clearance and customs duties, and the shipper needs to deliver the goods to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarder.

FCL shipping

  1. Full container port to port transportation service, suitable for CIF and FOB terms;
  2. Full container door-to-door transportation service, suitable for EXW and DDP terms;

Note: It is recommended not to choose the combined shipping and rail transportation service in the United States. If you transfer to rail transportation in the United States, the waiting time for rail transportation will be long, and there will be high demurrage and yard fees;

Door-to-door shipping from China to USA

It is recommended to use sea freight + truck combined transportation, which is fast and flexible.

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