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In various shipping companies of sea freight from China to USA,Matson Shipping is the fastest.

Matson Shipping refers to a sea transportation route from Shanghai (Ningbo, Xiamen) ports in China to Long Beach in the United States. It is headquartered in California, USA, with offices in more than 20 states in the United States. In 2005, Matson Shipping Company officially entered China and has shipping points in Shanghai and Ningbo in China.

Xiongda International logistics is the forwarder agent in China of Matson Shipping.

Matson’s two subsidiaries are Matson Integrated Logistics (MIL) and Matson Terminals, Inc. MIL is a leading provider of multimodal transportation services to the North American market with capabilities that include domestic intermodal rail service, international intermodal service, long haul and regional highway services, specialized hauling and international air freight.

MIL serves a broad range of customers and industries with customized transportation solutions and award-winning service. Matson Shipping Terminals provides container stevedoring, terminal and equipment maintenance services for Matson in Honolulu.

The company operates a 108-acre facility on Sand Island on the island of Oahu, which serves as the primary hub for Matson’s Hawaii service fleet of containerships and barges. Stevedoring Services of America Terminals (SSAT), which is partly owned by Matson Shipping, manages the company’s container stevedoring and terminal services in the West Coast ports of Long Beach, Oakland and Seattle.

Matson Shipping

Matson Shipping time

Competitive sailing times on the China to Long Beach route: Xiamen to Long Beach 14 days, Ningbo to Long Beach 13 days, Shanghai to Long Beach 11 days. The biggest advantage of Matson Shipping is that it has its own exclusive docking station. There is no need to wait for the unloading of the container, and the container can be unloaded on the same day.

Matson Shipping has 2 routes: CLX, CLX+
Look at the route code. The code of the main ship of Matson is CLX, and the code of the overtime ship is CLX+.

Differences betweenCLX and CLX+

The CLX+ departed from Shanghai on Thursday to the Port of Long Beach on an 11-day voyage, and from Ningbo to the Port of Long Beach on a 13-day voyage.There is also a peak season overtime express, namely CCX. It takes 12 days for CCX to sail from Shanghai to Oakland Port, and it takes 14 days to sail from Ningbo to Oakland Port.

Generally, ships stop at Oakland Port for 2-3 days and leave, and then go directly to Long Beach Public Port, with a 1-day voyage. Because of the stopover in Auckland, the voyage between Shanghai and Long Beach will be 2-3 days longer than CCX and CLX+.

The transit time between the regular ship and the overtime ship will differ by about 4-6 working days. If there is not much requirement for the transit time of the goods, you can also choose the overtime ship of Matson. Of course, it is better if there are other shipping companies. The shipping channel is also optional.

Matson Shipping

The sailing dates vary:

Matson’s regular ships usually sail every Wednesday in Shanghai, and overtime ships usually sail on Thursdays. Generally speaking, they will sail for 11 days. The sailing time at Ningbo Port will be one day earlier, usually every Wednesday.

Prices vary

The timeliness of the regular ship of Matson Shipping is very fast. If it arrives in the west of the United States, it can be put into the warehouse within 9 working days. Of course, the price will be more expensive than the overtime ship.

There are other types of services of Matson Shipping, such as time-limited arrival, less than package. The price of compensation will also be a little more expensive than other types of services. Sellers who pursue the timeliness of goods transportation can consider this type of service.

Matson Shipping

The docks at the unloading port

After the main ship of Matson arrives at the port of destination, it will stop at the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Oakland.

According to the official information of Matson Steamship, the pick-up location of Long Beach Port is located at the out-of-port yard (STE) 3.5 miles away from the terminal, and the pick-up location of Oakland Port is located at Pier 63 or 0.5 miles away from the terminal. There is no need to make an appointment for each of the lockers and the lockers. Therefore, the general cargo can be picked up the next day after arriving at the port.

Matson Shipping prices

Compared with other ships to the United States, Matson’s shipping speed is the fastest, so the freight is generally higher than ordinary ships. Matson shipping cost per kilogram this year is around 15-18 RMB.

Matson Shipping

Matson Shipping Loading Capacity

Based on the Matson Shipping that have been issued from January to March 2022:

The loading capacity of the regular CLX is 2600TEU-3653TEU.
Overtime CLX+ loads are 1686TEU-4360TEU.
Overtime CCX loads are 3252TEU and 3500TEU.

So is there a weight limit for each container on average?

See below for the weight limit requirements to the C60 terminal of Long Beach Port. If it is overweight, the consignee needs to provide a frame.

A 20-foot container must not exceed 18,597 kg
A 40-foot container must not exceed 20,865 kg
45 feet container must not exceed 20411 kg

If the goods need to be transited, extra charges will be charged for 20 feet over 17,236 kilograms, and 40 feet cannot exceed 19,958 kilograms.

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