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Matson Shipping Co., Ltd., a long-established carrier in the United States operating Pacific routes, announced its official landing in China, and will launch a new weekly container route from China to the United States in February 2006.It’s a great choice for shipping from China to the US.

Matson Container Shipping, a large shipping company with a long history of 123 years, will provide weekly container services between Shanghai and Ningbo and Long Beach, California for the first time.

The extremely competitive 11-day shipping schedule between Shanghai and Long Beach will be the fastest in the container liner industry and will directly benefit many trade customers in China and the United States.

Matson Container Shipping

On October 24 and 25, 2005, Matson Container Shipping officially established new representative offices in Shanghai and Ningbo respectively, marking the official entry of this veteran American carrier into the Chinese market.

Matson Container Shipping offers three conventional ocean container sizes for shipping household items on commercial routes between Hawaii and Guam.
The table below is provided as a quick reference to help you choose the ocean container that best suits your needs.

Matson container size

Container Dimensions Internal Dimensions  Maximum Cube
       20 feet        19’4″x7’9″x7’10”  1172
40 feet 39’6″x7’9″x8’10”  2387
45 feet 44’6″x7’9″x8’10” 3030 3030

Route introduction:

Competitive sailing times on the China to Long Beach route: 14 days from Xiamen to Long Beach, 13 days from Ningbo to Long Beach, 11 days from Shanghai to Long Beach.

Fast, reliable weekly fixed liner service provides you with the best total cost solution.

Matson Container Shipping’s dedicated facility in Long Beach, fast and efficient loading and unloading times (to avoid congestion at large multi-user international container handling terminals).
The ship arrives in Long Beach every Sunday afternoon, and the consignee can pick up the goods on Monday morning.

Online technology that provides full visibility of shipments tracked.Subsidiary Matson Integrated Logistics can quickly move your cargo to any destination in the US interior.

Matson Container Shipping

Why is Matson Container Shipping so popular with the public?

The main reason is that his timeliness and price are relatively acceptable to most customers. As far as Amazon seller logistics is concerned, the FBA business process of Matson Container

Shipping is: FBA goods in Shenzhen and other regions where there are many sellers are first packed in cabinets, then collected by barges to Shanghai Port, and then sent directly to Long Beach, the United States.

After arriving in Long Beach, the goods will be distributed to LA port or dispatched by express to FBA warehouses in various places. Amazon warehouses in the west of the United States have the fastest delivery speed and the most timely delivery time, and ONT8 warehouses in the west of the United States are also where a large number of Amazon sellers’ goods are concentrated. warehouse, so it is very popular with Amazon sellers in the United States. Sea freight is much cheaper than express and air freight, and it is also the most economical cargo transportation channel for Chinese sellers.

If you need to find a freight forwarding company for Matson Container Shipping, you can consider Xiongda International Logistics. Our Mason container shipping departs from Shanghai Port, arrives at Long Beach Port in 11 days, and delivers to the whole of the United States in 15-18 days. Provide you with one-stop service to help you save logistics costs and logistics time.


Matson Container Shipping

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