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Logistics agent in China takes care of all the heavy lifting of getting the product from the manufacturer in China to your final destination, which means you can focus on other aspects of your business.

They also help small businesses that don’t have the time or resources to handle shipping on their own.

Logistics agent in China handle all aspects of shipping, including but not limited to international freight, cargo loading, and customs clearance. They can also advise you on making sure your products get through customs as easily as possible.

If you choose a shipping agent, it will save you time and money in finding shipping companies and dealing with other issues.

Logistics Agent In China

Logistics Agent In China

Before working with a logistics agent in China, you can choose from the following questions to ask them:

How broad is their customer base?

Generally speaking, a good freight forwarder will have a good reputation and many clients. It is important to ask who their clients are and how many clients they have in a month. This will let you know if their business is stable.

Can they help with customs clearance?

Ask ahead of time if the logistics agent in China will help with customs clearance. Customs inspection is one thing that is essential, and if they don’t provide this, it becomes even more of a hassle as you need to hire someone else to help with the process.

See what they do if they agree to provide this service. You can ask about their customs clearance process, and their speed and efficiency.

Logistics Agent In China

Do they offer home delivery in your country?

Can they choose Delivery to Door (DDP)? Do they just leave the goods at the port of your country or ship directly to the destination? You need to figure these things out ahead of time.
It is best to provide you with door-to-door shipping, this one-stop logistics method is very convenient.

What specific services are covered?

As mentioned earlier, different logistics agent in China can provide a variety of services. When you request a quote from a shipping agent or company, it is important to understand the exact services included in the package.

Xiongda International Logistics provides free packaging, pick-up, and warehousing services. However, if you choose to store the goods in the agent’s warehouse, some freight forwarders will require you to pay additional fees.

Are there any hidden charges in his prices?

Beware of hidden fees. Write a quote for all services and explain which services you will receive. Clear and transparent, everything is in order, and there will be no hidden costs for logistics agent in China.

Check out his professional email/company logo, website and social media.
See how professional this company is. There are many ways to do this.

Logistics Agent In China

Do they have professional email accounts?

Do they support a good company logo?

What is the impression of this website?

See how they are doing on social media?

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Freight Logistics China Shipping Agent-Xiongda

Xiongda is a professional shipping agent in China since 2006, and with the 16 years of development, Xiongda now has 6 branches in China.

As an entrepreneur in China, Xiognda provides hundreds of jobs to let more people have work. And also Xiognda will take some charity events to give back to the society.

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The latest industry news cover air and sea freight from China to USA, and FBA freight to USA. We can also provide the one stop shipping solutions, contact us if you need.

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Shipping from China is easy with freight logistics China Xiognda, because we have been doing our work for about 16 years! We will share anything about shipping from China to USA.

We have rich experience in air and sea shipping, as well as the FBA freight to USA. Feel free to contact us if you need a shipping solution.

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