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LGB4 Amazon fulfillment is located in Moreno Valley, California, USA. The address is: Amazon Fulfillment Center LGB4 24208 San Michele Rd Moreno Valley, CA 92551 United States.

According to Google Maps, it shows that it is 4.5 miles from LGB4 to Nuku International’s overseas warehouse in Los Angeles, which is equivalent to 7.2 kilometers. Capai’s aging time is very fast. The distance from LGB4 to LGB8 is 32 kilometers.

LGB4 Amazon Fulfillment an Amazon warehouse in California, USA (in the west of the United States), which was built in 2012.


LGB4 Amazon Fulfillment


Descriptions of LGB4 Amazon Fulfillment

1. LGB4 Amazon Fulfillment situation

LGB4 warehouses receive a large number of goods every day, and these goods mainly come from Amazon self-operated, first-party sellers, FBA and other sources.
The goods entering the warehouse need to go through multiple links such as quality inspection, classification, marking, and shelving to ensure the quality and accuracy of the goods.

2. LGB4 warehouse explosion

Due to the uncertainty of market demand and the complexity of logistics links, LGB4 warehouses occasionally experience cargo explosion.

It is understood that in the fourth quarter of 2018, the warehouse had an explosion of goods. Amazon then took a series of measures, including increasing the warehouse area and optimizing the logistics process, which effectively avoided the situation of goods explosion.


LGB4 Amazon Fulfillment


3. LGB4 goods on-shelf speed

In order to provide fast and efficient logistics services, LGB4 warehouses adopt advanced logistics technology and automation equipment, such as robot warehouses, to enhance logistics efficiency and accuracy. It is understood that the goods on-shelf speed of LGB4 warehouses Very fast, usually on shelves within 24 hours.

In general, the LGB4 warehouse is one of Amazon’s important logistics centers in the California region of the United States. It has a complete system for warehousing and shelving of goods, and can quickly respond to market demand and meet the needs of sellers and consumers.

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