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LCL sea shipping to the US refers to assembling the goods of different shippers in one box. This is usually used when there are not enough shippers to fill an entire container. Maritime LCL classifies, classifies, concentrates, and shipping from China to the US through containers (unpacking) according to the nature and destination of these container goods.

LCL sea shipping to the US mode

Usually, LCL-LCL or CFS-CFS (station-to-station) is indicated on the shipping document. LCL is an acronym for Less Container Load. Less than one container, called LessCFS is the abbreviation of container freight station, referred to as container freight station. This is where LCL, unpacking, distribution and handovers are handled.

The customer delivers the goods to the consolidator in the form of less boxes, and the packaging company is responsible for packaging; the company’s agent at the port of destination is responsible for unpacking and unloading, and then delivers them to the final consignee (LCL) in the form of bulk cargo.

LCL sea shipping to the US

You can choose the following transportation methods:

Packing and unpacking (LCL/LCL);
Box splicing and full box connection (LCL/FCL);
Full container crossing and full container connection (FCL/FCL);
Full case delivery, unpacking and connection (FCL/LCL);

LCL sea shipping to the US

Direct delivery and transit

LCL sea shipping to the US can be divided into direct packaging and transit packaging. Direct loading means that the goods in the sea container are loaded and unloaded at the same port, and the goods are not opened before arriving at the port of destination, that is, the goods are at the same port of discharge. LCL sea shipping to the US has a short shipping cycle and is convenient and fast.

Transit refers to the goods in the container, not the goods at the same port of destination, which need to be unpacked, unloaded or transshipped midway. This kind of goods is different in the port of destination and the port, and the waiting time is long, so the transportation time is long and the freight may be high.

LCL sea shipping to the US

The Importance of Shipping Marks

The marking of the entire container is relatively less important, because the entire transportation and handover process is based on the container, and there is no need to open the box or divide the goods in the middle. Of course, compared to all parties in the logistics process, whether the final consignee cares about the mark has nothing to do with the freight forwarder.

The LCL mark is very important because many different cargo owners share a container and the cargo is mixed together. If the mark is not clear, it is difficult to distinguish the goods, easy to be confused, and easy to make mistakes.

Therefore, the LCL label is very important. LCL sea shipping to the US company not only needs to distinguish the customer’s logo, but also marks the shipping label with important information such as logo and packing box number on the bill of lading number (main number and small number).

When the port agent unpacks and distributes the goods, the consignee will pick up the goods in strict accordance with different trumpet sizes, and the goods will be delivered in strict accordance with the trumpet (small) sizes.

LCL sea shipping to the US

Bill of lading type

When shipping the entire container by sea, the cargo owner may require a cargo owner’s bill of lading (MBL), forwarder’s bill of lading (HBL), or both.
However, at LCL sea shipping to the US, what customers basically get is the freight forwarder list. Because the consolidator collects goods from many different cargo owners, if the customer’s goods are less than 15 square meters. Compared with the whole cabinet, it is more cost-effective to choose bulk LCL, and there is no need for separate cabinet shipments.

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