Sea Shipping Lines : Pros and Cons Explained

Sea shipping lines is a route or line between a specific cargo source and destination, usually opened by shipping companies or freight forwarders, providing a more convenient transportation options.

The common DDP, DDU, Door to Door, generally according to the kilogram or according to the number of square charges. The bad point is that most of them have certain risks in customs clearance.

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Advantages of sea shipping lines

Time and transportation cost can be controlled

Compared with LCL or bulk routes, ocean freight special line usually has more stable shipment schedule and transportation time, so the time and cost of goods arriving at the destination are more controllable.


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High security

Ocean shipping special line has higher security, usually have more strict transportation process and security measures to ensure the safety of goods in the process of transportation.

Better service

Sea freight special line usually provides more perfect services, such as priority booking schedule, cargo tracking, warehousing and loading, etc., providing customers with more convenient services.

Bulk cargo can be undertaken

Compared with other modes of transportation, ocean freight line can undertake large quantities of goods, providing more suitable transportation options for large enterprises.

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Disadvantages of sea shipping lines

Restricted transportation volume

As it is a route between a specific source and destination, the transportation volume of ocean freight is relatively small, which may not be suitable for some large-scale transportation needs.

High dependency

As sea freight lines are usually opened by a specific shipping company or logistics company, sea freight lines may have some dependence on the services of that company.

Liability risk

Ocean shipping line is responsible for the protection and safety of the goods, if the goods are damaged or lost during transportation, etc., then it may involve a certain liability risk.

Takes longer

The biggest disadvantage for ocean shipping special line is that the shipping time to be spent is longer, and due to the restriction of the port, many mainland goods want to be transported by sea, but also need to be transported to the port using land transportation before they can be loaded on the ship for sea transportation, so there are still some limitations.


Sea shipping lines


How to choose whether to use sea shipping lines?

After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of sea shipping lines, we can come to a conclusion that whether to choose sea freight should be judged according to the goods themselves and the needs of customers.

For some large equipment and goods, if there is no requirement for the transportation period, it is best to choose the sea shipping lines, which can effectively save costs, but if there are some strict requirements for the transportation period of goods such as food, it is not suitable for the use of sea freight this way.

When choosing the right sea shipping lines, customers need to make a choice based on the following factors:

Whether the route matches the destination

Customers should choose a suitable route according to their cargo type and destination to ensure that the cargo reaches the destination safely and in time.

Service quality

Choose a shipping company with high service quality, which can provide customers with high-quality transportation service, safety guarantee and professional technical support.


The cost of ocean shipping special line is relatively low, but different ocean shipping companies have different transportation prices and service offerings, which requires customers to comprehensively consider price, service quality, reliability and other factors.



Therefore, enterprises need to comprehensively consider various factors, such as transportation time, cost, service quality, type of goods, risk and so on, when choosing ocean shipping line and choose according to the actual situation.


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