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Sea freight is different from land transportation, and its risk is much higher than inland transportation. Sea freight packing requirements are relatively strict.

Because the export of goods by sea is easy to cause improper packaging of goods moisture, cargo damage, leakage and other consequences, these will cause direct economic losses. If you want to avoid these losses, you have to understand the sea freight packing requirements.

Sea freight packing requirements

Sea freight packing requirements for main body of equipment

1, equipment to complete the disassembly work (remove the instrument, valve, pipeline disassembly according to the specific requirements of each project implementation), the first in the equipment on the outside of the bread on a layer of thin plastic film.


Sea Freight Packing Requirements

Sea freight packing requirements


2, the equipment wrapped in a layer of plastic film, according to whether the equipment is loaded into the container to determine whether the need to wrap the tarpaulin.

(tarpaulin requires three cloth: waterproof, sunscreen, fireproof, and strong and sturdy), such as equipment directly loaded into the container for shipment, packaged plastic film can be directly loaded into the container, such as bulk transportation, plastic film also needs to be wrapped in a layer of tarpaulin, and tied up with a rope.

After the equipment is packed, the lifting point should be exposed and well marked: lifting point, center of gravity and so on. Outside the packaging tarpaulin, to mark and other necessary export identification using spray paint and other forms of completion.

Sea freight packing requirements of large products (including pipelines, ladders, guardrails, platforms, skid seat)

If the removed pipes, ladders, guardrails, etc. are directly loaded into the container for transportation, the outer surface of the goods is first wrapped with a layer of plastic film, and then wrapped with a layer of plastic tape if necessary.

The dismantled pipes, fittings are labeled with equipment bit number and marking to facilitate on-site assembly and correspond to the packing list, and the open flange surface needs to be sealed and wrapped. If the removed ladder, guardrail, etc. for bulk transportation, it is also necessary to wrap a layer of poncho outside the plastic film, and then outside the nylon net for wrapping to prevent the sea breeze from blowing through the poncho.


Sea Freight Packing Requirements



Sea freight packing requirements for wooden crates

Remove the instrumentation, valves, bolts, gaskets and other wooden crates of goods, first of all in the perishable parts outside the foam packaging, wooden crates according to the goods perishable program layered, sub-grid box, box all items are not allowed to have a gap between, need to be filled and reinforced intact;

Fumigation certificate document

If the use of solid wood in the form of fumigation documents need to be issued; at present, often using multi-layer board structure, can be exempted from fumigation. When reinforcement is needed, angle steel and other forms are used.

Waterproof layer

The inside of the wooden crate should be made waterproof layer to prevent rainwater from infiltrating and causing damage to the items inside the box.

Wooden box marking

Outside the box to do a good job of identification: mark, packing list, etc. (in principle, outside the box on both sides of the box single, two sides of the sticker mark), box single, mark can be used over the plastic way to use nails firmly fixed outside the box, or spray paint form, etc..Conventional placement of orientation, rain marking, etc. to do.


Sea Freight Packing Requirements


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