Power of Attorney Explanation in International Shipping

When you ship from China to the US, arrive at the U.S. Customs line clearance, you may need to sign a Power of Attorney, referred to as POA, in order to authorize the customs clearance agent on your behalf for customs clearance matters.

Goods arrive in the United States, the U.S. consignee needs to provide to the U.S. branch of a POA authorized customs clearance and EIN number can be cleared for him, POA is equivalent to the power of attorney, EIN number is equivalent to the customs record number.

POA generally need to provide the U.S. consignee to the customs clearance company, but in different cases. Trade exports to the United States have a variety of forms.


Power of Attorney


As an example, if the U.S. DDP , then there are two general customs clearance:

One is to harvest people belonging to the United States in the name of customs clearance.

This situation requires the U.S. side of the relevant consignee to give POA (i.e., PowerOf Attorney: power of attorney) to the U.S. agent of the freight forwarder, but also need the U.S. consignee’s Bond.

Another is to sign Power of Attorney with the consignor’s company, with their own name clearance.

This way of customs clearance is provided by the consignor POA to the shipping place of the freight forwarder, and then sent to the destination port agent, and then the relevant person in charge of the U.S. side will be responsible for the shipment in the United States for the importer’s customs registration number. At the same time, the consignor is also required to purchase Bond.

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Power of Attorney


The content of ocean transportation Power of Attorney

Ocean POA generally includes the name of the consignor, contact information, the name of the authorized person, contact information, description of the consignment, authorization matters, the date of signature and so on, these contents must be provided by the consignor, so that the agent can accurately and correctly on behalf of the consignor for ocean freight export matters.

Importance of ocean freight POA

Ocean freight POA is an indispensable document in the process of cargo export, which can not only give the agent the authority to handle ocean freight export matters on behalf of the consignor, but also protect the interests of the consignor, so that the consignor can better control the process of exporting the goods to improve the efficiency and safety of exporting the goods.

Power of Attorney fill in the notes

Fill in the correct information

POA must accurately reflect your identity and scope of authorization. When filling out the POA, you must provide your full name, address and contact information.
Define the scope of authorization

In the POA, you need to specify the specific matters and authority of the authorized agent. This includes matters that the agent can handle, such as declaring the value of the goods, paying customs duties, etc.

Additionally, you need to specify the timeframe of the authorization and the date on which the authorization will take effect. Make sure that the scope of authorization is clear and specific when filling out the POA to reduce unnecessary hassles and misunderstandings.


LCL customs Inspectio


Choose a Trusted Agent

When choosing an agent, make sure you choose a trusted agent. The agent must have expertise and experience in customs clearance to ensure a smooth passage through US Customs. In addition, the agent must also have a good reputation and credibility to ensure that the agent will not abuse his/her authority or disclose your personal information.

Signing and Certifying the Power of Attorney

Before signing the POA, you need to make sure that all the information is correct and matches your identification documents. In addition, you will need to sign and stamp the POA. If you are not in the United States, you will also need to have the POA notarized or certified and provide a copy of the notarized or certified document.

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