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Ocean bill of lading of the ship or its agent in the receipt of the carrier goods issued to the shipper’s goods receipt, but also between the carrier and the shipper of the transportation contract, proof that the carrier has received a particular goods, allowing the goods to be transported to a particular destination, to the shipper and consignee to the port of destination with the withdrawal of the goods vouchers.

Role of the ocean bill of lading

(1) bill of lading is proof that the carrier has taken over the goods and goods have been loaded on board the goods receipt.

The bill of lading, as a receipt for goods, certifies not only the type, quantity, markings, and external condition of the goods received, but also the time of receipt, i.e., the time when the goods were loaded on the ship.

(2) the bill of lading is the carrier to ensure that the delivery of goods and transferable evidence of property rights.

The bill of lading on behalf of the right of property can be transferred with the bill of lading transfer, bill of lading in the rights and obligations stipulated in the bill of lading with the transfer of the transfer and transfer. Even if the goods are damaged or lost in the course of transportation, the risk of the goods has been transferred from the seller to the buyer with the transfer of the bill of lading, and only the buyer can claim compensation from the carrier.

(3) The bill of lading is the establishment of the contract of carriage of goods by sea documents.

The bill of lading printed on the terms of the carrier and the shipper of the rights and obligations between, and the bill of lading is also recognized by law to deal with the carriage of goods on the basis of the bill of lading itself is often considered to be the contract of carriage.


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Points to fill in the ocean bill of lading


 With the carrier to sign a transport contract, entrusted to the owner of the goods, that is, the consignor. In the letter of credit payment method, generally to the beneficiary for the shipper; collection method to the collection of the principal for the shipper.


The consignee is the person who has the right to take the goods, as long as the ocean bill of lading by the shipper property rights transferred to the consignee, the goods to the port, the consignee has the right to take the goods.


ocean bill of lading

ocean bill of lading


Notify Party

Notify the customer is the destination port of contact, notify the person will often write “Same as consignee”, meaning “notify the same as the consignee”, can also be different from the consignee, generally for the buyer in the port of destination, the buyer’s consignee. Generally for the buyer in the destination port of the agent or trader.

Ocean Vessel

That is, by the carrier (shipowner) loaded with the name of the ship, the back will be noted voyage (Voy. No.)

Port of Loading

That is, the port of departure, the port of loading on board.

Port of Discharge

Ggenerally refers to the container from the ship unloaded (not necessarily complete delivery, there may be a continuation of the journey), the port of transit can sometimes be called the port of discharge, i.e., unloading down for other ships.

No. & kind of Packages

Refers to the way of packaging and packing list of the specific total number of pieces.


ocean bill of lading

ocean bill of lading


No. & kind of Packages

Refers to the way of packaging and packing list of the specific total number of pieces.

Description of Goods

In principle, the name of the product shall be listed in all products, but the actual operation of the process, you can use the collective name, or its single product name can be listed, specific to the destination port clearance requirements prevail.

Gross Weight & Measurement

The bill of lading is usually filled with only the total gross weight and total volume of the goods.

Freight & Charges

Bill of lading under the letter of credit freight payment, according to its provisions to fill in.

Place and date of Issue

The bill of lading is generally issued in the port of shipment where the goods are located, the date of shipment according to the requirements of the letter of credit, generally earlier than or the same day with the shipment period.


ocean bill of lading

ocean bill of lading


Signed for the Carrie

The bill of lading must be signed by the carrier or its agent to take effect. If the letter of credit requires hand-signature should also be followed.

No. of Origina B/L

 Letter of credit payment method under the bill of lading issued under the original number of copies are generally clearly defined, therefore, must be issued according to the provisions of the letter of credit required number of copies.

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ocean bill of lading

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