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Multimodal transport is the process of transporting goods by two or more modes of transportation, which are connected and transferred to each other.

International multimodal transportation, is at least two different modes of transportation, by the multimodal transport operator to take over the goods from the territory of one country to the designated place of delivery of goods transportation mode in another country.

In other words, the multimodal does not involve new corridors and tools, but rather the use of modern organizational means to organically combine various single modes of transport, breaking down the boundaries of individual transport regions.

Multimodal transport is also known as freight forwarding multimodal , that is, by one or several freight forwarders, according to the characteristics of the transport task, the use of sea, land, air three modes of transport to the consignor and consignee of the goods to provide the appropriate logistics services to achieve the goods by the point of shipment to the place of receipt of the transport process.

Characterized by the completion of a logistics task only need to arrange a freight forwarder.

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Multimodal transport


Features of multimodal transport

  1. According to the multimodal contract for the operation, the transport of the whole process of at least two modes of transport, and is a different mode of continuous transportation.
  2. The multimodal of goods is mainly containerized goods, with the characteristics of container transport.
  3. The multimodal in the end, the implementation of a single freight rate. The consignor only needs to conclude a contract, pay once, insure once, and complete the whole transportation through a single document.
  4. Multimodal transportation is a comprehensive organization of different modes, the whole transport are organized by the multimodal transport operators to complete. No matter how many modes of transportation are involved, divided into several transportation sections, the multimodal operator is responsible for the whole process of freight transportation.

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Advantages of multimodal transport

  1. Efficiency Improvement: By reasonably organizing different modes of transport and routes, it can speed up the transportation of goods and improve the efficiency of transportation.
  2. Cost reduction: the selection of appropriate transport modes and routes can reduce transportation costs, especially in long-distance or cross-border transportation is more significant.
  3. Flexibility: multimodal transport allows flexible selection of suitable modes of transportation in different stages of transportation according to the characteristics of goods and destination requirements.
  4. Risk reduction: through the multimodal, goods only need to be loaded and unloaded once during transportation, which reduces the risk of loss and damage of goods.

Multimodal transport is widely used in modern international logistics, especially for long-distance and transnational transportation of goods, it is an efficient, economical and safe transportation solution.

At the same time, the multimodal also requires that the responsibilities and obligations of all parties be clearly defined in contracts and agreements to ensure that goods are properly handled and protected throughout the transportation process.


Multimodal transport


Multimodal Transportation Business Procedures

Multimodal transport operator is the organizer of the whole transport, international multimodal transportation business procedures mainly have the following links:

  1. Accepting consignment application and concluding the multimodal contract
  2. Issuance, withdrawal and delivery of containers
  3. Export customs clearance
  4. Cargo loading and acceptance of goods
  5. Booking and arranging cargo transportation
  6. Handling insurance
  7. Issuance of multimodal bill of lading, organization and completion of the full transport of goods
  8. Customs operations during transportation (including customs clearance procedures in the importing country of goods and containers, bonded transportation procedures in the inland section of the importing country and customs clearance, etc.)
  9. Delivery of goods
  10. Freight accident handling

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