Scope of International Freight Forwarder Services

International freight forwarder is mainly on the transportation of goods, transit, warehousing, loading and unloading and other aspects of accepting the entrustment of the principal.

Considerable part of the freight forwarder to master a variety of means of transportation and storage of goods in the warehouse, in the operation of its business will be handled, including air, land and sea transportation of goods.

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The main business of international freight forwarder

Customs services

When the freight forwarder as a customs agent for customs formalities related to import and export commodities, not only on behalf of his customers, but also on behalf of the customs authorities.

In fact, the international freight forwarder will apply for and get permission from the authorities in many countries, and then handle the customs formalities, and is responsible for the customs, responsible for the early issuance of fixed documents, declaring the exact amount of the goods, the number of goods, the name of the goods, in order to make the government in these areas not to lose.


international freight forwarder


The carrier services

International freight forwarder to the carrier in a timely manner booking, agreed to the consignor, the carrier are fair and reasonable costs, arrange for delivery at the appropriate time, as well as in the name of the consignor to solve and the carrier’s freight accounts and other issues.

The liner company services

Freight forwarders and liner companies, with the business of different and different, by the freight forwarders to provide consolidation services, that is, consolidation services for groupage cargo has been established between them and the liner companies and other carriers (such as railroads) a closer link.

Airline services

International freight forwarder in the air transportation industry to act as an agent of the airlines. Freight forwarders are designated as agents of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on the rules developed by IATA for the purpose of transporting cargo by air. In this relationship, he utilizes the freight means of the airlines to serve the cargo owner and is paid a commission by the airlines.

Multimodal Transportation Services

In the role of freight forwarders, a more far-reaching impact of containerization is its involvement in multimodal transport. International freight forwarders act as the main carrier and undertook the organization of a single contract, through a variety of modes of transport for door-to-door shipping of goods.

International freight forwarder acts as a party, negotiating and contracting separately with other carriers or other service providers. However, these subcontracts do not affect the execution of the multimodal transportation contract, that is to say, they do not affect the obligations of the consignor and his liability for damage and loss of the goods in the course of the multimodal transportation.


Demurrage charge


LCL shipping services

With the growth of international trade in the containerized transport, the introduction of consolidation and consolidation services, in the provision of such services, freight forwarders take on the role of the principal.

Consolidation and consolidation of the basic meaning is: a shipment of a number of consignors to another destination of a number of consignees of small pieces of goods together, as a whole piece of transportation of goods to the destination of the freight forwarder, and through which a single ticket of goods to the consignee.

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International freight forwarder selection criteria

1. Company qualification

Choose qualified international freight forwarder company, such as whether there is an international freight forwarding qualification certificate, whether it is a member of WCA (WorldCargoAlliance) certification.

2.Service scope

According to their own needs to choose the appropriate scope of services, such as whether to provide sea freight, air freight, trailers, insurance, warehousing and other services.

3.Service cost

The cost of the freight forwarder is an important consideration, you need to compare the cost of different freight forwarders and choose the right one for you.

4. Experience and reputation

Choose an experienced and reputable international freight forwarder company, you can check the company’s website, social media and customer reviews to understand the company’s reputation and service quality.

5.Service attitude

Choose a forwarder with good service attitude, timely response and professionalism to ensure the safety and smooth transportation of goods.

6. Other services

Some freight forwarding companies may provide other value-added services, such as customs clearance, tax, regulatory and other consulting services, you can choose the right freight forwarding company according to your needs.


Customs clearance procedure


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