How to Fast Track Your Import License Application

Import and export licenses are import and export permits issued by the relevant State authorities to importers and exporters. The import and export of commodities can only be concluded or orders processed after import License Application. No import or export is allowed without a license.

The main contents of the import and export license include: commodity name, specification, quantity, country, period, total value, mode of transportation, trade mode, mode of payment and so on.

Import License Application Website.


Import License Application

Import License Application


Conditions for Import License Application

In other words, the applicant or individual (hereinafter referred to as the “recipient”) shall submit a written application letter to the licensing authority. The application includes such items as the name of the exported commodity (goods), its specifications, the country to which it is to be delivered, its quantity, unit price, total amount, delivery date, method of payment (i.e., the method of export remittance), and so on.

It is also necessary to verify the relevant documents or materials with the licensing authority:

  1. Foreign trade companies with the original contract (or a copy);.
  2. Non-foreign trade units should be approved by the competent department (department or bureau level).
  3. Cultural relics, approved by the competent department of cultural relics;
  4. Books and periodicals, approved by the competent publishing department;
  5. Paintings and calligraphy of celebrities (modern and contemporary only), approved by the Ministry of Culture;
  6. Gold and silver (excluding jewelry), approved by the head office of the People’s Bank of China;
  7. Gatents, know-how, traditional skills, approved by the State Patent Office or the competent authority.
  8. Residents or villagers can only leave the country after going through the relevant procedures with the certificate and purchase invoice issued by the street office or villagers’ committee.

Relevant documents or materials should also be provided in the following cases:

  1. An approved foreign trade enterprise enjoying the right of export operation shall submit a set of copies of the company (enterprise) approval, company (enterprise) articles of association, business license, and business catalog of export commodities when applying for an export license to the issuing authority for the first time;
  2. When an approved foreign-invested enterprise applies for an export license to the licensing authority for the first time, it shall submit the project contract approved by the relevant departments, business license and annual export plan approved by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.


Rules of Origin

Import License Application


If you have gone through the Import License Application and are preparing to import from China, the following article may be of some help to you:

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If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about Import License Application:


Import License Application process

1、Enterprises realize to inquire the HS code of imported and exported goods to see whether the goods are to do import and export license.

2, the applicant to the licensing authority to submit a written application form (can be in the Ministry of Commerce import and export license application platform, in the “relevant import and export documents application system” link to complete the registration process.

Fill in the system and submit online license application form and import or export contract), to the Department of Commerce regulations and approval of the written application materials.

3、The licensing authority will review the application materials submitted by the applicant, after passing the audit, the applicant will be allowed to fill out the “Import License Application Form”.

4、Filled out the “import license application form” stamped to the licensing authority, the licensing authority will enter the relevant content of the computer, the import license has now achieved network verification, customs can be based on electronic license information verification, can be exempted from submitting the import license paper certificate.

5、With the relevant application materials to the Ministry of Commerce Administrative Service Center to receive import licenses.

6、The applicant should also go to the Customs and the Foreign Exchange Bureau for the record, go to the Tax Bureau for export tax rebate registration.
For import and export license, if the business scope of the registered company does not include import and export rights and other font size, to change the company’s business scope before the import and export license.

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