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Export clearance is an important link in the flow of goods from the domestic to the international market, for foreign trade export enterprises, understanding the import and export documents is very necessary.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the materials that need to be prepared for import and export documents.

Import and export documents – customs documents

Whether it is the process of import customs clearance or export customs clearance process, goods related documents are one of the most important basis for customs audit.

In the process of import and export trade declaration, there are four kinds of documents are necessary, is the declaration of the most basic four kinds of documents:

  1. PACKINGLIST packing list need to indicate the number of goods declared details: the number of packages, the name of each package of various products, the number of net weight and gross weight should be specified.
  2. INVOICE form of CE form of invoice should indicate the name of the product, quantity, unit price and total price.
  3. SALESCONRTACT sales contract also need to list the name of each product, quantity, unit price and total price, but also need to list the buyer and seller of the company and stamped.
  4. Declaration elements should be based on the corresponding goods of the customs code declaration elements to fill in one by one.

At the same time, packing list, pro forma invoice, contract, declaration elements of the four documents should be one-to-one correspondence with the customs declaration.


Import and export documents


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Export paperwork requirements

1) This is related to the export trade mode and the corresponding customs supervision conditions. If it is a general trade exports, the conventional export declaration documents are goods invoices, container lists, trade contracts, customs declaration power of attorney.

If there are special customs supervision conditions required, it is necessary to provide the documents required by the Customs, for example, the export of rare earths need an export license, the export of cultural works of art, you need to go to the cultural sector for the examination and approval.

2) Other modes of trade (regulatory mode), it depends on the situation. Export customs declaration documents are important and complex, and need more attention.

3) There is another important information that needs to be provided by the customer, which is the tax code (HS Code) of the goods and the corresponding declaration elements. The declared elements are the detailed description of the declared goods, such as brand, specification, material, use, etc.

The customs requires that different tariff codes correspond to different types of goods. Customs requirements, different tax codes correspond to different declaration elements.

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the import and export documents:


Common mistakes in import and export documents

  • Customs code categorization error
  • Wrong number of pieces, quantity and unit of customs declaration
  • Error in cargo logic
  • Wrong brand declaration
  • Important information is wrongly filled in or omitted
  • The above 5 common import customs declaration errors As long as there is a standard management process before and during customs clearance, it can reduce the errors and additional customs clearance costs.

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Air freight packaging requirements


Import and export documents compliance tips

Part 1, the significance of truthful declaration to the Customs and Excise Department.

It can speed up the inspection and release of goods and reduce the cost of customs clearance; it can improve the credit rating and get preferential customs clearance; it can effectively prevent and control risks and lay the foundation for long-term development.

Part2: Key points of truthful declaration to Customs

Fill in commodity elements in a standardized way; fill in customs declaration in a standardized way; truthfully submit customs declaration documents and import and export documents; carefully verify to ensure that the documents match and the goods match.

Part3, common risk tips for enterprise customs clearance

Commodity categorization declaration error; price declaration is not true; unauthorized import and export of prohibited and restricted licensed goods; unauthorized import and export without inspection; export of dangerous goods and their packaging does not meet the specifications.

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