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Cargo delays in the transportation of goods are a problem that everyone involved in import and export trade must face, and it is also an important indicator that tests transportation capabilities.Handling of cargo delays is an issue that everyone involved in import and export trade must consider.

When there is a delay in the logistics of goods, we should minimize the impact of the delay and take the following measures:

Effective strategies for dealing with cargo delays

Make expectations and plans

Understand and estimate possible delays and risks in advance, and develop a reasonable timetable and plan. Consider various factors such as customs clearance times, seasonal peaks, weather conditions, etc., and allow sufficient buffer time to account for possible delays.

Choose a reliable freight forwarder

Carefully evaluate and select companies with good reputations, extensive experience and stable global networks.

Reasonably protect the goods

According to the nature and characteristics of the goods, select appropriate packaging materials and methods to ensure that the goods are fully protected during transportation. Use shock-proof, moisture-proof and vandal-proof packaging materials to provide extra protection for fragile and sensitive goods, and mark goods to alert handlers of their fragility.


cargo delays


Purchase appropriate cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is an important safeguard against logistics delays and losses. Depending on the value and risk of the goods, purchase appropriate cargo insurance to ensure appropriate compensation in the event of delays and losses.

Logistics cargo delays may have a huge impact on cargo owners, as customers may cancel orders and the conversion rate is greatly reduced. So how to reduce logistics delays?

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3 Ways to avoid cargo delays

Always keep track of the container

Supply chain management plays an important role in preventing ocean delivery issues. By integrating reliable ocean freight data, they are able to accurately predict delivery times. Beware of supply chain disruptions.

Thanks to data analytics and big data, it is now possible to make fairly accurate predictions about ocean freight deliveries. You can also maintain tracking of the current status and current location of your deliveries using the track and trace feature.

Be prepared for seasonal challenges

Seasonality affects nearly every industry, causing wild swings in demand that lead to annual delays.

The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest causes of shipping delays. During this period, almost all factories in China will temporarily close their factories to celebrate the New Year. As a result, this is usually preceded by a sharp increase in sea freight volumes and increased container traffic at ports.

To avoid this peak period. You’d better plan to ship early;
Of course, if you are not in a hurry, it is best to place an order for delivery after this period.

Prepare a Plan B

In terms of transportation method, most people will choose sea transportation. Shipping by sea is cheap, convenient and has a large carrying capacity.

But shipping by sea has drawbacks: transit times are long and goods cannot be easily transshipped.

Therefore, it is always good to have a plan B and choose alternative shipping methods for certain shipments.

Another type of cargo delay is caused by delays in customs clearance. It is possible that there is something wrong with your goods themselves, and the customs will detain them for inspection;Another possibility is that someone else’s cargo in the same container as yours is in violation. Your goods will also be temporarily detained for inspection.


U.S. customs duties


How to deal with delays in customs clearance of goods

If such a problem occurs, the sender should promptly urge the recipient and provide handling advice as soon as possible. If the shipment needs to be returned or destroyed, a “relevant return letter or abandonment letter” needs to be sent to the follow-up person for the problematic shipment to apply to the agent.

It is worth paying special attention to: This request can only be applied for, but it does not necessarily guarantee that the goods can be destroyed or returned locally. The final processing result is subject to local customs. Of course, all costs and responsibilities arising therefrom will be paid and borne by the sender if the recipient does not pay and bear them.

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U.S. Customs

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