Best Guide for US Amazon FBA Warehouse Locations Selection

If you want to use the Fulfillment by Amazon service to store and ship your merchandise, then you need to know the US Amazon FBA warehouse locations.

Currently, the US Amazon FBA warehouse locations include the following regions:

1. Eastern United States: located in New Jersey and Florida

2. the central region of the United States: located in Illinois, Kansas and Texas

3. Western U.S.: located in California, Oregon and Washington State

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US Amazon FBA Warehouse Locations


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Choosing a good FBA warehouse can improve buyers’ shopping experience and sellers’ sales efficiency. When choosing an FBA warehouse, you need to consider the following aspects:

US Amazon FBA Warehouse Locations Selection Guide


choosing the closest warehouse to your suppliers and customers can reduce logistics costs and time. Amazon has FBA warehouses all over the world, and you can choose the one closest to your geographic location.

FBA Inventory Storage

Be sure the warehouse you choose has enough inventory capacity to store your items. If you have high sales, you may need to choose a larger warehouse to better manage your inventory.


Amazon FBA Warehouse Locations

Amazon FBA Warehouse Locations



Finding a cost-effective FBA storage location includes storage fees, order processing fees, transportation fees, and more. You need to calculate the cost carefully and choose the optimal warehouse.

Logistics services

Different warehouses may provide different logistics services, including express delivery and air transportation. You need to choose the most suitable logistics service according to the type and weight of the goods.

Amazon service quality

choosing a reliable and reputable Amazon FBA warehouse can improve the quality of logistics services and customer satisfaction.

Amazon FBA warehouse management is not done well, it will lead to the occurrence of out-of-stock, which will lead to the store receiving a lot of bad reviews, leading to the decline of the Amazon store rating, and even the occurrence of the financial chain breakage and other situations. It is very important for an Amazon store to do a good job of FBA warehouse management.

Amazon FBA Warehouse Fees

Amazon monthly storage fees

The monthly storage fee is a fee that many sellers tend to ignore, and the long-term storage fee is even stranger.

Note: The unit of length is feet

Calculation method:

Length X Width X Height X Applicable Rate = Monthly Storage Fee

Long-term storage fee

If a single item is stored in Amazon’s warehouse for more than 365 days, Amazon will not only charge a monthly storage fee, but will also add a monthly long-term storage fee.Long-term storage fees are regardless of season, hazardous materials, or size. $6.90 per cubic foot or $0.15 per item (whichever is greater).


Amazon FBA inventory management

Amazon FBA Warehouse Locations


Calculation Method:

Length X Width X Height X 6.9 = Monthly Long-Term Storage Fee (If individual long-term storage fee is less than 0.15, calculate according to 0.15)


Calculate how much storage fee you need to pay for an item to be put in Amazon storage for 24 months.

Product volume: 045 feet * 0.4 feet * 0.4 feet = 0.071 cubic feet

Size segmentation: standard size

Product properties: non-hazardous goods

Peak season monthly storage fee: 0.071 * 2.4 = 0.17 U.S. dollars / month

Low season monthly storage fee: 0.071*0.83=$0.06/month

Long-term monthly storage fee: 0.071*6.9=0.49 USD/month

Product storage for 24 months, you need to pay 24 months of monthly storage fees, 3 months a year is the peak season 9 months of the off-season two years 24 months will need to calculate the peak season of 6 months plus 18 months of the off-season, there are 12 months of long-term storage fees.

Total storage costs for 24 months = peak season 0.17 * 6 + off-season 0.06 * 18 + long-term 0.49 * 12 = 7.98

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Storage Charges: The Best FAQ Guide

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