Best Amazon FBA Product Selection Guidance for New

Sellers operating Amazon stores should do a good job of FBA product selection before shelving any products to determine the market demand and sales potential of a product.

It is reported that the Amazon platform has 398 million + products, a wide range of products, sellers to choose the real sales potential, long-term operation of the product may be, in fact, not easy.

Amazon FBA product selection skills

Low operating cost product selection method

Products with high sales volume usually come with some traffic and are the first choice of beginner sellers.

But new sellers often do not have too much budget funds, only funds have to be used in the source, logistics and the necessary station to promote these “knife edge”, so it is best to choose the goods in the Q & A and after-sales do not waste too much energy and material resources.

The FBA product selection method needs to refer to the following data characteristics:

Higher sales: according to the overall sales of the Amazon BSR list, it is best to ensure that the monthly sales>1000, the specific value may vary according to the actual category;.

Less or no Q&A: Ideally, the number of Q&A is preferably 0, but in order to exclude the possibility of brushing, the screening dimension can be appropriately broadened to Q&A<2.


FBA product selection


List cross analysis method

List selection is one of the most basic and widely used selection methods in Amazon selection, but most sellers have a certain one-sidedness in their use, that is, they only focus on the hot list.

There are five official lists published by Amazon, which are:

  • Best Sellers.
  • New Releases.
  • Movers&Shakers.
  • Most Wish For;
  • Gift Ideas.

From the naming of the list can clearly see the characteristics of the five lists, in order to find more suitable products, I suggest that sellers cross-comparison of the five lists, to select the products that appear more frequently.

If you want to know more details about FBA product selection, you can click on this article:

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If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the FBA product selection:



Complete the Amazon FBA product selection just rely on their own imagination is certainly not, you need to use some FBA product research tools, can help you more accurately choose to consumer favorite products.

FBA product selection research tools


PickFu is an Amazon FBA product selection research tool that allows you to communicate directly with real consumers overseas. With features like respondent filtering and one-on-one polling, sellers can ask consumers questions to find out if they would buy a specific product.


Sell the Trend

Sell the Trend collects real-time sales data from platforms such as Amazon, TikTok, SellThru, and CJ Dropshipping, and then aggregates it into “The Nexus” feature, which provides extensive sales trends based on multiple platforms.

Detailed data is also provided for each product: orders at a given time, ratings, reviews, statistical performance, prices, vendors, video links, and more.
Price: approximately $39 per month.

Dropship Spy

This research tool suggests 5 new trending products every day, but since the tool already has a strong user base, this means that all your competitors will probably find out about these products at the same time as you, leading to market saturation.

However, you can still find other products trending, especially if you choose a cold niche.
Price: $39 per month.



Google Trends

Google Trends works a little differently than other product research tools. Sellers can enter a product topic or keyword to see its search volume in Google search over time.
With this SEO tool, you can easily find keywords to use in product descriptions and ads.Google Trends is free to use and is great for new sellers.

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