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After you’ve created your FBA shipment, get ready for Amazon shipping and labeling. When using FBA services, sellers need to comply with Amazon FBA compliance labeling to ensure products can be stored and shipped smoothly.

In this article, we will introduce US Amazon FBA compliance labeling requirements and related considerations.

Amazon FBA compliance labeling requirements

Goods appearance requirements: Amazon FBA has very strict requirements for the appearance of goods, so the appearance of each box of goods must be checked for obvious damage and deformation before shipment and warehousing. If the outer box is broken and deformed, and the label font is fuzzy, deal with it immediately.

Country label

FBA requires the outer box to paste the national label, the size of the national label for the side length of 4cm square. The general country label is pasted in the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box of goods, two. This everyone should pay attention to.

FBA label

FBA label for amazon warehouse receipt of goods to confirm the outer box sign, by the FBA information and code 128 barcode composition. fba label for amazon system generated, generally an A4 layout pdf, there are 1, 4 or 6 fba label.


FBA compliance labeling

FBA compliance labeling


If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the FBA compliance labeling requirements:


Made in China label

Export to the United States & South America & Europe, must be posted Made in China label, the outer box and each product should be labeled “MADE IN CHINA”, otherwise it will be detained by the local customs, returned.

SKU code

SKU code is the only mark of a type, a model and a size of the product, Amazon recognizes the code but not the goods. If Amazon FBA finds that you have posted the wrong SKU code, it will be very expensive for him to help you replace it. If a batch of ten boxes of 1000pcs wrong, the cost is at least 1000 * 0.25 = 250 euros.

Overweight labeling, battery labeling

Amazon regulations, a single box of parcels can not be more than 30kg! This is amazon based on the efficiency of goods operation of the mandatory standards! There is also a statement that a single box parcel can not exceed 15kg, but 15kg is amazon’s recommended standard.

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FBA product packaging rules

The appearance of goods

Amazon FBA on the appearance of goods is very strict requirements, the box can not have obvious damage and deformation. If the outer box is broken and deformed, and the label font is fuzzy, it may not be able to enter the warehouse.

The choice of filler

The box must be properly packed to ensure that the contents of the box can withstand the severe test during transportation and during processing in the Amazon operations center. If you need to use fillers when transporting shipments to the operations center, be sure to use Amazon’s approved fillers.

The approved fillers are

  • Air cushion (air)
  • A full sheet of paper(one sheet of paper)
  •  Polyethylene roll (polyethylene)
  •  Newspaper (news page)
  • Polystyrene sheet


FBA compliance labeling

FBA compliance labeling


If you want to know more details about FBA compliance labeling-product packaging, you can click on this article:

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Fillers that are not allowed to be used are

  • Shredded paper (folded)
  •  Polyester foam fragments (foam)
  •  Foam foam (Foam)
  • Folded package (Crinkle wrap)

FBA labeling location

FBA labels should be affixed to the outer box. For storage purposes, two labels need to be affixed, and they should not be affixed to the same side, so as to prevent damage to the outer box labels. It is recommended that only one surface is affixed on each outer box, and if necessary, up to three can be affixed.

Shipping and logistics for FBA

After preparing the FBA label, you can choose the FBA transportation and logistics forwarding company.

Amazon FBA air freight

(1) Express: transported by international courier companies, directly through these express delivery to the destination, the time limit is generally 3-5 days, the price is higher;

(2) air transport: by major airlines to different customer goods centralized transportation to the destination airport, and then sent to the customer’s destination, after arriving at the airport generally use the local postal/express/truck and other modes of transport, the time limit is generally 7-12 days, the price cost is lower.


Modes of transport

FBA compliance labeling


Amazon FBA sea freight

The time limit is generally 15-35 days, you can choose fast ship and slow ship two kinds:
Fast ship in about 15-20 days;
Slow boat ranges from 20-35 days, depending on the route.

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