Difference Between Door to Door Shipping and Port to Port

Sea freight has become an important link between the economies of different countries. When carrying out international maritime transportation, we often hear two important terms: Door to Door and Port to Port.

These two modes of transportation play different roles in international shipping, and understanding their differences is crucial to international logistics.

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The Difference Between Door to Door and Port to Port

Door to Door Transportation

Sea freight to the door, means that the freight forwarder is responsible for the whole process, including export customs clearance, cargo on board, cargo arrival, customs clearance at destination port, cargo pickup at destination port, return of container at destination port, and delivery of cargo at destination port. The goods will be delivered to the consignee’s designated address, and the consignor and consignee only need to wait for the delivery.

Door to Door transportation is a full-service transportation that covers the entire journey from the point of shipment (usually the seller’s factory or supplier’s warehouse) to the point of delivery of the goods (usually the buyer’s warehouse or a designated destination).


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Key features of door to door shipping

Full Service

Door to Door transportation services provide full service from the point of origin of the goods to the point of final delivery. This means that the logistics company will be responsible for the pickup, packaging, transportation, customs clearance, payment of duties and final delivery of the goods, reducing the burden on the customer.

Door-to-door responsibility

In door-to-door transportation, the logistics company takes full responsibility for the safety and delivery of the goods. If any problem occurs during transportation, the logistics company will be responsible for solving it.


Door to door transportation services can be customized to meet specific logistical requirements. This means that customers can choose from a variety of transportation methods, times and types of services.

High Cost

Although door to door transportation offers a high level of convenience and security, it is usually more expensive than port-to-port transportation because it includes more services and responsibilities.



Port to Port Transportation

Port to port transportation means that the freight forwarder is only responsible for delivering the goods to the port of destination (FCL to the port, LCL to the agent), and the consignee will deal with other matters on his own, such as customs clearance at the port of destination, picking up the goods at the port of destination, and returning the container at the port of destination.

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Main features of Port to Port shipping

Transportation between ports

Port-to-Port transportation covers only the transportation of goods between the port of origin and the port of destination. Once the goods arrive at the destination port, the responsibility will rest with the buyer and seller, including customs clearance, transportation to the final destination and other related matters.

Low cost

Port-to-Port transportation is usually more cost-effective than door-to-door transportation because it covers fewer services and less responsibility for the logistics company.

Additional services required

If you choose to ship to port, buyers and sellers will need to give extra consideration to the hauling, customs clearance, and delivery of the goods, and may need to work with more than one logistics company to accomplish these tasks.


Export business risk


More autonomy

Door-to-door shipping gives buyers and sellers more autonomy to arrange subsequent shipping and services based on their needs and budget.

In international shipping, door-to-door transportation and port-to-port transportation have their own pros and cons. Which one you choose depends on your specific needs and budget.
If you want a full service and leave the logistics to a professional forwarder, door-to-door shipping may be a better choice.

However, if you feel more responsible for the safety and delivery of your goods and want more flexibility and control over the shipping process, port-to-port shipping may be better for you.

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