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D/O, Delivery order. It is a document issued by a freight forwarder or shipping agent, etc., to authorize the consignee or his agent to pick up the goods.

A bill of lading contains the following information:

  1. Description, quantity and weight of the goods
  2. Details of the freight forwarder or shipping agent
  3. Details of the consignor and consignee
  4. Place and date of pickup, etc.

In the process of sea import, the goods on board the ship after loading is completed, the shipping company issued B / L to SHIPPER, SHIPPER and then B / L to CONSIGNEE, the goods arrive at the designated port, CONSIGNEE need to rely on the B / L to the shipping company or its agent to exchange for the bill of lading Delivery order, only so that the import clearance to be considered the real start.

Only in this way, import customs clearance can really start. After the end of customs clearance, the consignee can pick up the goods with D/O.


Delivery order


Delivery order role

Goods receipt

Bill of lading is issued by the carrier to the shipper’s receipt, confirming that the carrier has received the bill of lading of goods and has been loaded, or the carrier has taken over the goods, has been loaded on behalf of the ship.

Transportation contract certificate

Is the shipper and the carrier’s transportation contract.

The reason why the carrier for the shipper to transport the goods, because there are certain rights and obligations between the carrier and the shipper, the rights and obligations of both parties to the bill of lading as proof of the transport contract.

Cargo right certificate

The bill of lading is the proof of ownership of goods. Who holds the bill of lading, who has the right to require the carrier to deliver the goods, and enjoy the right to possession and handling of the goods, the bill of lading on behalf of the goods contained.

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The difference between BL and Delivery order

Bill of Lading is divided into shipowner bill of lading (MBL) and forwarder bill of lading (HBL). Bill of lading is the most material right certificate function of the document, holding the bill of lading means that has the bill of lading recorded under the ownership and disposal of goods. However, the bill of lading can not be directly used for import customs clearance.

In the customs clearance of goods before picking up, must take the bill of lading to the shipping company or its agent to exchange the bill of lading Do, only to obtain the bill of lading to start the formal customs clearance, completion of customs clearance after the withdrawal of goods withDelivery order.

Delivery order is mainly used for customs clearance and pickup, does not have the property right certificate function, can not be circulated and transferred. This is the biggest difference between DO and BL, because it only appears when importing, so it is also known as import bill of lading.

The information recorded on the Delivery order is similar to the bill of lading, but there are more places on the Delivery order that need to be stamped by the relevant departments. For example, after the completion of inspection and quarantine, should be in the inspection and quarantine column stamped with inspection and quarantine; customs release, should be in the customs column stamped with customs release and so on.

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Bill of lading relations

Bill of lading is the main relationship between the signing of the contract of carriage of both parties: the shipper and the carrier.

The shipper is the cargo, the carrier is the ship. Other relations between the consignee and the notified and so on.

The consignee is usually the buyer in the contract for the sale of goods, bill of lading by the carrier through the consignor forwarded to the consignee, the consignee with the bill of lading to pick up the goods, the person to be notified by the carrier in order to facilitate the owner of the goods to pick up the notification object, may not be related to the right of the goods to the parties.
If the bill of lading is transferred, there will be transferees, holders and other bill of lading relations.

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