Delay In Shipment | 4 Efficiently Ways to Avoid

For cross-border e-commerce sellers and foreign trade enterprises, international logistics is an important factor affecting the transaction. In transportation, sometimes there will be a delay in shipment, so what are the reasons for international logistics to delay in shipment during transportation?

The main reasons for delay in shipment

Transportation of goods

The reasons affecting the timeliness of logistics are also related to the goods to be transported. If there is a problem with the goods to be transported, it will have an impact on the transportation. If the goods to be transported are sensitive goods, dangerous goods, prohibited goods and so on. , the freight forwarder has to understand the situation in advance and do the homework before the international transportation.

Freight forwarders

Although the logistics industry is developing rapidly and there are many freight forwarding companies, there are a variety of companies in this industry, and the quality of the company varies. So the owner of the goods in the choice of freight forwarding company must be bright eyes, in the choice of freight forwarding company more understanding of the background and scale of the freight forwarding company, to avoid because of the choice of unprofessional freight forwarding company caused by the in-transit time delays.


Many shippers are professional logistics personnel, do not understand the rules of international logistics and transportation, which can easily lead to the transportation of some prohibited items or sensitive goods, affecting the entire cargo transportation.

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Orders on holidays usually surge because brands and platforms use holidays to do promotional activities. The increase in sales due to the surge in orders will also result in excessive shipments, and the logistics can’t keep up. Reasons for this include lack of manpower or failure to update inventory information in a timely manner.

Cargo shipping companies

Improper operation of the shipping company can also cause delays in transportation, which in turn affects the entire ship and the timeliness of transportation.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are the most difficult to avoid in the transportation process. Although there is such a thing as weather forecast, unexpected events still happen. Sometimes the weather forecast is not accurate. It is unavoidable if you meet bad weather during transportation again, such as typhoon, blizzard, heavy rain, mudslide.


Customs is sometimes very strict. If the customs check your goods, the goods can pass through without any problem. If there is a problem with the goods, they may be detained, resulting in logistics delays.


Delay In Shipment

delay in shipment


US customs

China customs

Lost shipment, damage

Inadequate courier packaging or violent transportation can lead to parcel damage; and lost parcels also happen from time to time, and may be due to the loss of parcels, the logistics tracking system can not be updated late.

In order to avoid parcel damage disputes and lost pieces lead to consumers can not receive the courier, merchants and logistics should be provided in a timely manner order number and waybill number, and in every link of real-time tracking of the shipment, to confirm that the information has been updated, and through the photographs and signatures to retain proof.

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Why Are Shipments Delayed? How To Deal With?

How to deal with delay in shipment

  1. In advance to understand the customs clearance policy of each country, customs clearance requirements, etc., and prepare the required information.
  2. When encountering the peak season of international express delivery, try to avoid sending during the peak hours, but also keep abreast of the international logistics policy of the peak season, and reasonably arrange the time of receiving and sending.
  3. According to the requirements of various types of goods by mail, sensitive goods to go through special channels, customs clearance rate is higher.
  4. Timely follow up the logistics information, contact the courier company in time.

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delay in shipment

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