Why Are There Customs Clearance Delay?How To Deal With it?

Customs clearance is one of the unavoidable procedures in import and export trade. Due to the high number of uncontrollable factors in the customs process, there may be customs clearance delay. So, how long does it usually take for Amazon customs clearance delay? How to understand the customs clearance process?

First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons for Amazon customs clearance delay. Generally speaking, the clearance time of Amazon goods will be affected by the following factors:

Reasons for Amazon customs clearance delay

Number of customs officers

Insufficient number of customs officers may lead to prolonged customs clearance time.

Problems with customs clearance documents

If the clearance documents submitted by Amazon merchants are incorrect or missing key information, it will lead to the customs department needing to coordinate with the merchants to supplement the materials, which will prolong the clearance time.

Market supply and demand

During the peak period, the customs department needs to process more applications for goods clearance, which leads to longer clearance time.

Special circumstances

For example, emergencies, bad weather and other factors may have an impact on the progress of merchandise clearance.

Based on the above reasons, Amazon customs clearance time may take 2-7 business days. Specifically, if you are sending general merchandise, the customs clearance time is about 2-3 working days; while if it is special merchandise (such as food, medicine, etc.), it will take 3-5 working days; if you meet special circumstances, it may take longer.

Here’s a video on how customs clearance works that will help you better understand how to prevent clearance delays:


Import and export trade customs clearance delays may be due to:

  1. When the recipient’s information is wrong, incomplete or with missing;
  2. Cargo information is wrong or missing, more information is needed to be provided for customs clearance;
  3. Unpaid customs duties due to duty payment issues;
  4. When the actual value of the items you send does not match the declared value.
  5. Mitation brand products, because it involves brand authorization issues, the consignment will be detained without it.
  6. Involving locally banned products, sensitive goods such as powder, liquid, electrically charged, or contraband, the probability of being checked by customs will be higher, and the clearance time
  7. Longer than ordinary goods.


customs clearance delay


Other reasons

● Environment:

For example, customs, ports, airports, logistics have special events; or natural disasters and other occurrences.

● Policy:

Some goods will be delayed in customs clearance and delivery because of the policy. Therefore, when shipping, we should be more prepared to deal with all kinds of emergencies in advance to ensure that it does not affect the back of the distribution.

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US customs

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Solutions for customs clearance delays

Communicate in time and seek help

If there is a delay in customs clearance of your goods, you can seek the help of logistics service providers and actively cooperate as a way to solve the problem faster.

Contact your local customs in time to understand the reasons for the delay and the progress of customs clearance, find the best solution, and communicate with your customers to update the information in time to avoid affecting the normal progress of the order.


customs clearance delay


How to avoid delay in customs clearance of goods?

Prepare documents in advance

Before the goods are exported, make sure that your documents such as commodity information, planned export date, packing method, transportation terms and so on are ready, and confirm that you have fully communicated and understood with the other party.

Choosing the right logistics solution

Choose a reliable logistics partner to ensure that your goods remain under control during transportation and are properly handled during customs clearance.

Comply with relevant regulations

Pay more attention to understand the international trade, customs and other related regulations and rules, to ensure that their documents and goods are in line with the requirements, to be protected in international business activities.

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