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Once a shipment weighs more than about 500 kilograms, container shipping to USA become the cheapest option. Ocean freight from China to USA offers great economies of scale (some ships can carry up to 20,000 20-foot containers).

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Basic dimensions of container shipping to USA

Container sizes vary by model and manufacturing standard, but here are the most common container sizes:

  • 20GP: This is the most common container and its length, width and height are 5.898 meters, 2.352 meters and 2.393 meters respectively. This type of container usually holds about 25-35 cubic meters of cargo.
  • 40GP: This type of container is 1.219 meters longer than a 20-foot container and can usually hold about 55-65 cubic meters of cargo.
  • 45GP: This type of container is 0.609 meters longer than a 40-foot container and can usually hold about 75-85 cubic meters of cargo.
  • 48GP: This type of container is 1.219 meters longer than a 40-foot container and can usually hold about 95-110 cubic meters of cargo.

There are also longer containers such as 53 feet and 62 feet available. These different sizes of containers can meet different cargo and transportation needs.


container shipping to USA

container shipping to USA

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Marking and identification of container shipping to USA

Each container has a unique identification code, called “box number”. The box number is usually composed of 6 numbers and letters, labeled on the side or top of the container. The box number allows for quick identification of the container’s manufacturer, size, type and other information. In addition, each container is labeled with dimensions, weight, and other information that is easy for customers and operators to understand and use.

Choosing the right model of container shipping to USA

The following factors need to be considered when choosing the right container model:

Cargo volume and weight

Choose the right size container according to the volume and weight of the cargo. A container that is too large may result in empty loads or wasted space, while a container that is too small may not be able to meet cargo transportation needs.

Transportation distance and route

Different types of containers are suitable for different transportation distances and routes. For example, a 20-foot container can be chosen for short-distance transportation, while a larger 40-foot or 45-foot container may be needed for long-distance transportation.


Sea Freight Packing Requirements

container shipping to USA


Vessels and port facilities

Different types of containers require different vessels and port facilities for loading and unloading. Therefore, the constraints of vessels and ports need to be taken into account when choosing a container model.


The price of different models of containers varies. When choosing the right container model, you need to consider the cost of cargo transportation, logistics efficiency and time schedule and other factors.

Understanding the specifications of different models of U.S. shipping containers is very important for optimizing logistics and transportation. By choosing the right container model, material and structure as well as marking and identification methods, you can better meet the needs of cargo transportation and improve logistics efficiency.

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Calculating container shipping to USA costs

After understanding the factors affecting the cost of ocean transportation, you need to know how to calculate the cost of ocean transportation. Generally speaking, ocean freight cost calculation is divided into the following three steps:

Determine the mode of transportation

First of all, you need to determine the mode of transportation of goods, that is, whether it is a full container or bulk cargo. If the goods are small and do not occupy the entire container, you can choose the bulk mode, while if the goods are larger or more, you need to choose the whole container mode.

Determine the transportation route

Next, according to the starting point and destination of the goods, you need to choose the appropriate transportation route. You can compare the shipping quotes of various logistics companies and choose the most cost-effective transportation route.

Determine the actual cost

Finally, according to the type, quantity and weight of the goods, means of transportation, transport routes and ocean freight service and other factors, the actual cost of ocean freight is calculated comprehensively. Generally speaking, each logistics company provides an online quotation system, and you can get a detailed quotation by entering the corresponding information.


Rules of Origin

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