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Bulk cargo shipping is different from ordinary goods in that they are items of more than standard size and weight, which are difficult to transport. That’s why specialized transportation methods are needed to ensure safe and fast delivery. This article introduces you to the pain points and solutions in the bulk cargo shipping.

Pain points in bulk cargo shipping

High return and exchange costs

For example, if you make products related to tables and chairs, the estimated purchase cost is $40 and the FBA shipping cost is $20. And return and exchange is a must concern. If the customer asks to return the goods, you need to pay $30 courier fee to the merchant, and the return cost is nearly $50.

Maybe the returned goods can not be sold at a brand new price, for some sellers who do small items, the loss is still relatively affordable. But for the sellers of large goods, the cost to be borne is relatively large.


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Large goods are easy to damage during transportation

Damage to bulk cargo shipping in most cases are due to packaging and packaging is not detailed, so large goods need to pay more attention to product packaging and packaging, which will also be the key factors affecting the quality and cost of transportation.

 Low efficiency of loading and unloading

Large cargo transportation takes up a lot of space, and the process of loading and unloading is also very dependent on the operational efficiency of workers. Some overseas warehouses do not have digital management of yard, stocking, loading and unloading, so many of them can’t plan stocking efficiently.

Sometimes the unprofessionalism of overseas warehouses can lead to delays and delays, affecting the timeliness of the seller’s goods on the shelves.

High back-end delivery logistics costs

Some data show that the logistics costs of sellers of large goods will occupy 30% of the turnover. This involves a variety of surcharges for tailgate logistics.

Long product turnover cycle

There are some products with a long production cycle and slow inventory turnover, so the seller’s capital flow requirements are high. If some products can not go, once more than the time limit for free warehouse rent, it will be because of the large area of storage, which brings huge storage expenses.

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Suggestions for bulk cargo shipping

Choose the appropriate mode of transportation

For the bulk cargo shipping, it is crucial to choose the right mode of transportation. Generally speaking, there are three main ways to transport large objects by sea, land and air. Among them, sea transportation is the most common way, which is more suitable for the long-distance transportation of bulky goods; air transportation is suitable for long-distance, time-sensitive items; and land transportation is suitable for short-distance domestic transportation.

Packaging should be tight

bulk cargo shipping are easy to be squeezed and dropped during transportation, so the package must be tight. It should be moisture-proof, shock-proof and water-proof to ensure the safety of the objects during transportation. Generally speaking, the packaging materials should be chosen with high strength, such as wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, foam, etc.



Choose a professional freight forwarding company

Choosing a professional logistics company is the key to ensure the safety of bulk cargo shipping. Professional logistics companies have rich transportation experience and professional logistics equipment, and can provide a full range of transportation services for large objects. In addition, the logistics company can also according to the different characteristics of the goods and transport needs, for customers to develop a personalized transport program.

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