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Amazon sellers often hear SKUs, ASINs, CPCs, variants, followers and other Amazon terminology when they are working, and understanding and mastering these Amazon terminology can help sellers better understand the operating rules and business model of the Amazon platform, and improve the efficiency and competitiveness of sellers’ operations on the platform.

For many new sellers, a lot of terminology is not too well understood, the following inventory of common Amazon terminology:

Top 10 Amazon terminology


Listing is one of the most common Amazon terminology .The detail page of a product on Amazon, the elements include: product title, product images, five-point description, product description, EBC/A+ page, classification node, search keywords.


English full name: Stock Keeping Unit (Stock Keeping Unit), that is, the unit of measurement of inventory in and out, can be pieces, boxes, pallets, etc. for the unit for the Amazon e-commerce, can be so commonly understood, a commodity has more than one color, there are a number of SKUs; for example, a T-shirt, there are 5 different colors, then it is 5 SKUs.

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Amazon terminology



English full name: Amazon Standard Identification Number, Chinese full name: Amazon Standard Identification Number. ASIN is a special code identification of Amazon products, each product is different, an ASIN can correspond to multiple SKUs. Amazon background after the creation of the product, the platform is automatically assigned to a code, a fixed ten-digit number, for listing display.

After the creation of the product in the background of Amazon, the platform automatically assigns a code, a fixed ten-digit number, which is used for the display of the listing, that is, when you shop on the Amazon website, the code on the link can be searched for the product using the ASIN.


Variants are one of the most common Amazon terminology.Variants are used to associate products that are essentially the same, but differ in one or more key attributes (such as size or color, etc.). Amazon variants are categorized into molecular body parents, and different listings can be put together into a brand new listing by using one parent as a connection.

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Product review

It is the evaluation of the product itself, does not involve logistics, customer service quality, any buyer who has purchased an item on Amazon once can evaluate it, affecting the customer’s judgment of the product, with scoring and text, picture, video reviews combined way.


FNSKU is one of the most common Amazon terminology.Distribution Network Stocking Unit, a unique way for Amazon to identify products that sellers send to FBA warehouses. Each product processed through the FBA warehouse will receive this unique identifier.


Universal production code; UPC code is a commodity barcode developed by the Uniform Code Council of the United States, mainly used in the United States and Canada, due to its wide range of applications, it is also known as the universal barcode, unbranded sellers uploading products need to fill in the UPC; UPC can only be expressed in numbers, the standard version of the standard version has 12 digits, and the shortened version of the shortened version has 8 digits.


Amazon terminology



EAN is one of the most common Amazon terminology. EAN code is a commodity barcode developed by the International Article Numbering Association, common to the world, and the role of UPC is basically the same.

EAN is developed on the basis of UPC, so it also can only use numbers, also has a standard version (13 bits) and shortened version (8 bits) of two kinds. With UPC there is no need to apply for EAN.


Amazon internally generated brand identifier, when your brand in Amazon successfully filed, provide a keyattribute, Amazon will automatically assign a unique Global Catalog Identifier also known as GCID, sixteen characters, including letters and numbers.

Equivalent to UPC, but UPC is to be purchased by Amazon sellers only, GCID as long as the Amazon seller brand filing, upload products, the background automatically generated.


shipping from China to the US


Amazon choice

Refers to Amazon based on the popularity of the goods, price, ranking, Reviews, validity, shipping speed and other factors to consider, will be some high-quality goods to add Amazon Choice mark.

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