Navigating Amazon Report Infringement: Best Strategies for Sellers

If you receive an Amazon report infringement, Amazon Central will send you a patent infringement warning letter and you may be immediately suspended from selling your products or, more seriously, your account will be closed. Or even, directly remove the seller’s selling privileges on Amazon, freezing the seller’s account funds.

Whether you are really infringement, or by the rival “set up”, Amazon will remove the seller from the competition list out. This is a loophole in the Amazon system, often used by unscrupulous sellers, the hand of Amazon to clean up the competition. So you need to prepare some tips to deal with Amazon report infringement.


Amazon report infringement

Amazon report infringement


What is the brand infringement meaning?

Trademark infringement

Without the official authorization of the product brand, unauthorized use of the other party has registered trademark Listing, or release the product to write the trademark of others in their Search Term keywords, product descriptions, five characteristics and Listing title and other details, are infringement.

If you want to learn more about Amazon report infringement, here is an article about trademarks, please click to read:

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Picture infringement

Image infringement generally occurs among third-party sellers, we can see the product pictures of other stores look good and use them, as the original picture owners can use the original picture to directly complain about the infringer.

Patent infringement

Patents protect relatively new technology, which includes a total of three categories, namely: design patents, invention patents, utility patents.

What should I do when I receive an Amazon report infringement?

First of all, after receiving an Amazon report infringement email, it will not be the first punishment, but if the seller does not deal with it in time, it is possible to be subject to these penalties:

Take down the product

For infringing listings, Amazon will carry out the operation of shelving, and only if Amazon assesses that your products do not infringe, it is possible to restore.

When you encounter this situation, you also have to modify the listing first, and then go to submit the appropriate information to appeal, relatively speaking, the impact will be relatively small.

Failure to do so could result in your account being suspended., you can not log in your account, and the product will no longer be displayed in the front end, can not carry out all sales, operations, this impact and is relatively large.


Amazon report infringement

Amazon report infringement



Appeal for yourself

You can also go to appeal and provide Amazon with a practical action plan to restore your sales access.

After writing it, send the action plan through the account control panel, or reply to the account suspension notice received, after which Amazon will evaluate and determine whether your account can be restored.

It is also important to note that Amazon will terminate your account in appropriate circumstances if your account is repeatedly and repeatedly infringed.

Therefore, if you receive Amazon report infringement warning, be sure to address it promptly. If you believe you are selling non-infringing merchandise, submit a complaint through the seller’s platform and provide the following information:

  1. An invoice proving the authenticity of the goods
  2. Order number proving the authenticity of the goods
  3. Authorization letter from the rights owner
  4. A court order finding that your merchandise does not infringe the claimed intellectual property rights or that the claimed intellectual property rights are invalid or unenforceable.


If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about Amazon report infringement:


How to avoid Amazon report infringement?

According to the type of infringement, here is a list of three aspects: the listing, the product itself, and the packaging. Sellers can check their links before putting them on the shelves.


  1. Check in advance whether to use trademarks, brands and images registered by others
  2. Whether the pictures/videos use unauthorized materials
  3. Whether the picture/video uses unauthorized trademark graphics or text
  4. Whether the product description contains unauthorized trademark graphics or text

The product itself:

  1. If the product is printed with a LOGO: Check whether the trademark is infringed.
  2. The product contains characters from famous film and television works. Check whether the copyright is infringed.
  3. Unique shape/unique function/novel design Check whether the patent is infringed
  4. Before selling hot-selling products to other sites, check in advance whether the corresponding trademark/copyright/patent has been registered.

Product packaging:

Whether the packaging design infringes a registered patent

Whether there should be unauthorized trademark graphics or text printed on the packaging?

When you encounter Amazon infringement, if you want to protect your own interests, the following article may help you:

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How to check if a brand is registered on Amazon?

Navigate to a product listing and see if the listing includes the image-rich A+ section titled “From the Brand”. “If there is A+ content, then the product and Brand is Brand Registered. If there is A+ content, then the product and Brand is Brand Registered.

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