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I believe that many Amazon sellers in the process of operating their own stores will encounter a problem, that is, their hard work editing the listing become dog (page disappeared). listing page disappeared, among other reasons, “Amazon product certification” problem.

On a platform like Amazon, it is normal for products to be certified, but which products need certification, which products do not need certification, which products need mandatory certification, many sellers are not clear.

In this article, Xiongda will help you summarize the current common certification.

U.S. Amazon product certification

FDA certification

The full name of the “U.S. Food and Drug Administration certification”, this agency is the United States is responsible for food and drug management, the main responsibility is to ensure the safety of food, cosmetics, drugs and other products produced or imported into the United States.

Amazon product certification

Amazon product certification

Here’s a video to help you get a quicker, more comprehensive understanding of what FDA certification is.


CPC certification

This certification is mainly the issuing body of children’s products certificate, is specifically responsible for testing the safety of children’s products. If you want to shelve children’s products on Amazon’s North American site, you must provide the relevant children’s product certificate.

CPC certification is applicable to all children’s products aged 12 and under, if it is produced locally in the United States, then the local manufacturer needs to provide; if it is produced in other countries, the importer needs to provide.

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FCC certification

FCC certification is mainly for computers, computer accessories, fax machines, electronic devices, radio equipment and other products that may harm personal safety. Mainly the United States

Federal Communications Commission certification, specifically responsible for the safety of radio and communications products.

If you want to know more details about Amazon product certification, you can click on this article about FCC Certification:

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Amazon product certification

Amazon product certification

If sellers have the following products want to shelf to the North American station, all need to have FCC certification.

  1. Personal computers and peripherals;
  2. Household electrical equipment, power tools;
  3. Audio products, video products (radios, televisions, home speakers, etc.)
  4. Lamps and lanterns (LED lamps and lanterns, LED screens, stage lights, etc.)
  5. Wireless products (Bluetooth, wireless remote control toys, wireless switches, etc.)
  6. Security products (alarms, security products, access control, monitors, cameras, etc.).

UL certification

This certification is mainly for the safety of chargers, mobile power, cell phone batteries, lamps and other power tools. Mainly the United States Underwriters Laboratories to carry out, not only in the United States has the authority, in the world is also a very authoritative private institutions.

Link Knowledge:

UL certification and UL test report what is the difference, how to distinguish?

UL certification is a voluntary certification, the need to test products and audit the factory, a quarterly audit, high cost, long time, and the audit is very strict, the end of the certification can be exported directly after customs clearance, you can play the UL logo.

UL test report is based on the product selection of the corresponding UL standards for the test after passing, issued a qualified test report, low cost, short cycle, do not need to audit the factory. Can be used for Amazon audit, customs clearance is invalid.

Sellers in the Amazon sales first consider UL test reports for Amazon audit, cost savings, more cost-effective!

Amazon UL test report processing costs

The specific cost depends on the specific product features, different products have different test items, so the cost is not the same.

Amazon UL test report processing cycle and validity period.

Cycle time: generally 5-7 working days.

Validity period: the regulations remain unchanged, long-term effective.


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UL certification process

  1. Fill out the application form (company information, etc.);
  2. Check the contract signing and payment (according to the application form to come out of the contract);
  3. Sample sending (back to the single number to facilitate follow-up);
  4. Official testing (test passed);
  5. Report confirmation (confirm the draft copy);
  6. Official report

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Japanese Amazon product certification

PSE certification

PSE certification is a mandatory safety certification for electrical appliances in Japan, is also a mandatory market access system in Japan. PSE certification according to the different products, and is divided into two kinds of diamond-shaped PSE logo and round PSE logo, mainly to distinguish between “specific electrical appliances” and “non-specific electrical appliances. Specific electrical appliances” and “non-specific electrical appliances”.


Amazon product certification

Amazon product certification


PSC Certification

PSC is a mandatory safety certification for all consumer products sold in Japan. According to the relevant Japanese laws, consumer products must comply with certain product accident safety regulations and accident declaration requirements before they can be circulated in the market.

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