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Nowadays, there are a lot of people start their business on Amazon, but for some Amazon new seller, they want to know urgently how to improve their Amazon operation skills quickly. Over here, we have organized some suggestions for you, which can be used as a reference.

One of the most important things for Amazon new seller can do is find a reliable Amazon freight forwarder. They can help you take an important step towards success.

Reasons for Amazon new seller to choose the platform

  1. The platform is perfect, do not worry about the platform “dissolution” situation. In recent years, the phenomenon of the dissolution of the e-commerce platform has occurred from time to time, the seller’s funds are frozen, the person in charge of the platform disappeared, so that the seller is in financial difficulties.
  2. Higher profits, in many e-commerce platforms, the overall profits of the Amazon platform belongs to the upper middle range, which is the main reason why many sellers choose the platform.
  3. Without all-day customer service online, because of Amazon’s perfect customer service system, and the influence of the local mail culture, sellers do not need to be equipped with customer service online all day long like domestic platforms, saving the cost of labor and time costs.
  4. Official overseas warehouses to deal with shipping, and inventory allocation, saving the seller delivery time, while enhancing the buyer’s shopping experience.
  5. 14-day payback cycle, stable payback cycle so that sellers are more assured of the stability of funds.


Amazon new seller


When you decide to become a Amazon new seller before you need to consider

  1. Insufficient control of the product market: many new sellers blindly enter the market will occur problems, for the target market seasonality and cycle card control is insufficient, resulting in inventory backlog.
  2. Do not understand the requirements of the platform, because of some kind of operation suddenly lead to the store was closed.
  3. Insufficient control of advertising and promotion, resulting in high advertising costs, resulting in no profit.
  4. The platform is not clear about the composition of capital and profit, but no profit.

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Suggestions for Amazon new seller

  1. Compliance operation: actively learn Amazon related knowledge, avoid Amazon red line, follow Amazon rules, long-term operation is the king of business development.
  2. Choose to meet the market value of the selected products: abandon the domestic platform thinking, the market perspective, reasonable control of the product cycle and characteristics.
  3. Reasonable planning store input and capital turnover: before starting the project, to be clear about the platform cost and profit composition, do a good job of shipping and promotion plan, to prevent inventory backlogs caused by the problem of capital rupture.
  4. Such as individual start-up sellers in the case of insufficient funds, lack of basic knowledge or no supply chain advantages, the first product is not recommended for large-scale shipments or a large amount of money invested in the first stage of the lack of experience, it is easy to happen that the first unsuccessful direct abandonment of the platform phenomenon.

In this video you can help you better understand how to be a successful Amazon new seller:


How to avoid a surge in sales for Amazon new seller?

  1. The new number is generally encountered because there is no feedback, which is the regular audit of Amazon.
  2. If it is an old account, before a long time did not sell, and then began to sell, the same will be encountered, this is the system trigger.
  3. There are orders must be shipped on time, tracking number tracking in time, otherwise it is easy to store not to get in, directly convicted of fraud, the chances of success of the complaint is very low.


Types of Amazon Ads


How to avoid product infringement?

  1. Trademarks: Before going on the product must go to the trademark website to check the details of the entire listing, whether or not it has been registered trademarks.
  2. Copyright: don’t steal pictures, don’t copy other people’s descriptions, don’t sell some animation, and film and television related products
  3. Patent: patents are very difficult to prevent, Amazon’s explosive models are basically patented, you can also go to the patent network to check.
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