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Setting up a store on Amazon and shipping products to buyers requires a reliable Amazon FBA shipping service. Logistics can deliver products directly from suppliers or factories to Amazon’s warehouse, eliminating the need for sellers to handle logistics and warehousing on their own.

Amazon FBA shipping service Methods

Amazon FBA shipping service methods can be generally divided into three kinds of international sea transportation, international air transportation and international express transportation:

Amazon FBA sea transportation

Sea freight is an important logistics mode commonly used in current international trade, with the advantages of high carrying capacity, low transportation costs and wide coverage.

It is especially suitable for long distance transportation of large quantities and bulk type goods. At the same time, maritime transportation is also accompanied by slow transportation speed, lack of flexibility and other disadvantages.

Amazon FBA air freight

Air transportation has the advantages of fast transportation time (able to transport goods from one country to another in a short period of time, especially suitable for the urgent need for rapid delivery of goods), strong reliability and high flexibility. At the same time, air freight is also accompanied by expensive shipping costs, transportation restrictions and other disadvantages.

International Express

International express is responsible for the overall transportation of goods by well-known courier companies, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS Express. It has the advantages of fast time, good stability and high security, but the disadvantages are also more obvious, the freight is very expensive.

So the international express direct delivery is a way for businessmen to pick the least, generally emergency stocking situations only use this way to replenish goods, to prevent the phenomenon of sold out inventory.


Amazon FBA shipping service


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How to find the right Amazon FBA shipping service agent?

Find Amazon FBA service 4 kinds of channels

Search engine query

First of all, you can query potential FBA logistics service providers through search engines. Input keywords, such as “FBA logistics service”, “Amazon FBA logistics provider” and so on, you can find many related results. In the search results, you can browse the website of each service provider to understand their service scope, price and advantages and other information.

Amazon Recommends

Amazon also provides FBA logistics service provider recommendations. In the “Inventory” page of Amazon backstage, select “Global Selling”, and then find the option of “FBA Logistics”. Here, you can see the logistics service providers recommended by Amazon, as well as their quotes and timeframe information.

E-commerce forums

In e-commerce forums, many sellers will share their experience and evaluation of logistics service providers. You can find a lot of useful information by searching related topics in the forum, such as “FBA logistics recommendation” and “FBA logistics experience sharing”.


Amazon FBA shipping service


Consult other sellers

You can also consult other Amazon sellers to know what Amazon FBA shipping service providers they use. These sellers may have similar products and sales scale as yours, and their experience can be a good reference for you.

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the Amazon FBA shipping service:


Finding Amazon FBA shipping service – Considerations

Price: Price is an important consideration when choosing a logistics service provider. But be careful, the price is too low logistics service provider may have service quality problems.

Timeliness: Understand the delivery time of the logistics service provider to ensure that your products can reach the Amazon warehouse on time.

Service quality: Find out about the logistics service provider’s service quality, including packaging, transportation, customs clearance and other aspects of the service.

Transparency: Choose a logistics service provider that offers real-time tracking and updating services to ensure your products arrive on time.

Reliability: Ensure that the logistics service provider has a reliable network and transportation capacity to avoid losses during transportation.

Choosing the right FBA logistics service provider plays a crucial role in the success of your Amazon store. Therefore, when choosing a logistics service provider, factors such as price, timeliness, service quality, transparency and reliability should be fully considered to ensure that your products can be delivered to the Amazon warehouse in a timely and safe manner.

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