Amazon FBA Shipping Risks | Best Way To Avoid

Although Amazon can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with warehousing and distribution service solutions, there is still a certain Amazon FBA shipping risk, improper operation, then greatly increase the seller’s warehousing and logistics costs.

Amazon FBA shipping risk – shipping notes

Before shipping:

  1. Before shipping, you should paste the SKU code of the small goods and the FBA outer box case label (referred to as FBA label). The outer box label should be affixed more than two, to prevent damage to the box label during transportation.
  2. For the sake of customs clearance insurance, the outer packaging and outer box of the product must have Made in China, which should not be ignored!
  3. When using Amazon FBA shipping, understand the weight and programming requirements of the logistics channel for a single piece of goods, and try to pack according to the requirements.
  4. Export, declaration and the actual value of the number of goods as far as possible to match, otherwise there may be into the warehouse slower, or even refused to enter the warehouse.


Amazon FBA shipping risk

Amazon FBA shipping risk


In shipment:

General cargo to warehousing time is about 2 weeks. But the international environment is unpredictable, freight logistics has a lot of unstable factors, it is recommended that sellers do a good job of replenishment and clearance planning in advance. Be sure to check the logistics information at any time, during which you can do a good job of operational optimization to meet the sale.

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After shipment:

  1. Pay attention to the number of arrivals in a timely manner to confirm that there is no loss and damage, if there is a problem, timely preparation of evidence to contact Amazon to investigate and solve the problem.
  2. Pay attention to the number of inventory in time, according to the number of inventory to grasp the next replenishment time and quantity, or no orders to reduce the amount of inventory can also be timely contact Amazon to solve the problem.Amazon Seller Center.
  3. Pay attention to the return situation in time, for example, there are member buyers refund, the platform is immediately refunded.

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Amazon Freight forwarder company selection

It is also extra important to find a reliable logistics partner for FBA. A good logistics provider will recommend the right channel to you according to your requirements for time and cost, so that you can save on shipping costs and the goods can arrive at the Amazon warehouse as scheduled.

The bad logistics provider, naturally, is what the hands of the route will recommend what you go, regardless of the situation and demand, the program is always only one.

Amazon FBA shipping risk | Peak season preparation

Clear inventory

Amazon will charge a long-term inventory placement fee in mid-August, and for long-lagging products, sellers need to finish processing in early August.

In order to avoid the additional costs caused by the long-term inventory fee, sellers must take advantage of these days to pay attention to their inventory status, for long-term slow-selling products, to decisively make a strategy to deal with, or reduce the price of clearance, or withdraw from the warehouse to deal with, or directly destroy.

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ETD in shipping

Amazon FBA shipping risk


Reserve a warehouse in advance

The second half of the FBA warehouse warehouse time to lengthen, sellers should prepare goods before it is too late.

Peak season is approaching, most sellers will increase the number of FBA shipments, with reference to the experience of previous years, FBA warehouses are basically in a state of long-term warehouse, the product to the FBA warehouse locally, and even the shipment was signed for, but also because of the FBA Processing Center (FC) there is no place to place or the processing center workload of the personnel can not be processed in time for a very long time into the warehouse, and so on. If you can’t enter the warehouse, you can’t sell, which may lead to a drop in sales.

Prepare goods 1 month in advance

Logistics costs will rise in the second half of the year, logistics will certainly be a certain degree of congestion and even warehouse, so make arrangements for stocking.

The second half of the second half of the distress brought to sellers and logistics costs rise, in accordance with established practice, the second half of the shipment discounts will be much smaller, the timeliness will be poorer, many times need to schedule shipments, in this case, the seller for their own needs of the goods, you can prepare ahead of time, as early as possible, only a little bit earlier shipments to avoid the late logistics caused by the Bureau.

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