Amazon FBA Rejection | Explanation of Causes and Solutions

Amazon FBA service provides sellers with a series of conveniences such as warehousing, picking, packing, and delivery, and has become the first choice of many e-commerce sellers. However, many sellers have encountered Amazon FBA rejections when using FBA services.

Reasons for Amazon FBA rejection

FBA shipping labels

Wrong FNSKU Label: Every FBA shipment needs to be labeled with the correct FNSKU (Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit) label. If the label is not clearly printed, misplaced or missing, it may cause the shipment to be Amazon FBA rejections.

Confusing ASINs: ASINs for different products must be clearly distinguished. If the ASIN codes of multiple products are mixed up or misused, FBA will not be able to recognize them accurately, and thus Amazon FBA rejections will occur.

Packaging and weight

Packaging damage: The packaging of the goods must be intact and undamaged. If there is serious damage, deformation or leakage, etc., FBA will consider that the goods do not meet the warehousing standards and reject them.

Overweight or oversized goods: FBA has clear regulations on the weight and size of goods. If the goods exceed the specified standard, or the size exceeds the limit due to improper packaging, they will be Amazon FBA rejections.


Amazon FBA Rejection


Embargoed and dangerous goods

Embargoed Goods: Certain goods are prohibited from being shipped due to laws, regulations or Amazon policies. If the seller tries to send such goods, FBA will reject them directly.

Dangerous Goods: Goods with flammable, explosive, toxic and other characteristics will not be accepted by FBA if they are not properly labeled and packaged in accordance with international dangerous goods transportation regulations.

Information and documents

Incorrect shipping information: If the shipping information provided by the seller (e.g. shipping notice, packing list, etc.) does not match with the actual goods, FBA will not be able to verify the information, resulting in Amazon FBA rejections.

Missing necessary documents: If the necessary documents such as import license, certificate of origin, etc. are missing, FBA will not be able to complete the customs clearance procedures, thus rejecting the goods.

Logistics and FBA freight forwarding

LCL+ truck did not make an appointment in advance

Kapai needs to make an appointment in advance on or by email, and deliver the goods according to the instructed requirements and time after obtaining the FBA ISA.

There are more details about LCL truck:

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shipping from China to the US


Container issues

Container loading specifications require loading in the longitudinal direction and maintaining a certain clearance from the top of the container and the door; there can be no other items in the container except for the goods to be delivered; there can be no damage or odor in the container itself; and the back of the container should be convenient for pallet truck or forklift operations.

Unqualified pallet: Pallet stacking height exceeds the limit, goods are damaged, protruding or the pallet itself is damaged will lead to FBA reject.

Incorrect delivery address: after the seller establishes the FBA warehouse application in the background of the system, the goods must be delivered in accordance with the results of the Amazon system’s warehouse building, thus Amazon FBA rejections will occur.

Amazon FBA issues

Peak season warehouse burst: During the peak sales season, too many inbound goods may lead to insufficient FBA warehouse capacity, which is prone to warehouse burst, and the goods will be rejected with a higher probability as a result.

Appointment deleted by Amazon: Inbound appointments are deleted by Amazon warehouse, resulting in goods being rejected after arriving at FBA warehouse.

FBA Warehouse System Bug: FBA warehouse system will occasionally have failures or bugs, resulting in goods not being able to enter the warehouse and being Amazon FBA rejections.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.


Amazon Warehousing Distribution


Amazon FBA rejected solution

Double-check the labels

Make sure the FNSKU labels and ASIN codes of all goods are correct before shipment.

Optimize Packaging

Choose appropriate packaging materials to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation and that they meet FBA’s weight and size requirements.

Understand embargoed and dangerous goods regulations

Before selecting and shipping products, make sure you understand Amazon’s embargoed and dangerous goods regulations to avoid sending offending items.

Provide accurate shipping information

Make sure that all the shipping information provided is consistent with the actual goods so that FBA can verify the information smoothly.

Communicate in time

If the goods are rejected, communicate with Amazon customer service in time to understand the specific reasons and take remedial measures as soon as possible.

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