Most Common Amazon FBA Inspection Products List

When you import some products from China to your Amazon store for sale, the customs will conduct Amazon FBA inspection on these products to see if they meet the import and export standards.

Commodity inspection is commodity inspection. The Commodity Inspection Bureau (China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) issues a report to prove that your products meet the specified quality and quantity.

Amazon FBA inspection rate of high cases

The value of goods is too high

According to customs regulations, high value products are scrutinized more closely to prevent problems such as tax evasion. Therefore, if the value of your goods is too high, the chances of being checked will increase accordingly.

Involving local anti-dumping products

These products may be subject to additional tariffs or trade barriers, etc., and hence the chances of being checked are higher.

Declaring too low

Some sellers intentionally under-declare the value of their goods in order to lower their tax bill, which not only affects their credibility, but is also easily detected and checked by customs.

HS code products with high tax rebate rate

These products tend to enjoy a higher tax rebate when exported, and therefore are also prone to attracting the attention of Customs.

Large difference in declared weight

During cross-border transportation, the weight of the cabinet and the declared weight must be consistent, or else it will also cause customs’ suspicion. So sellers must strictly measure the weight of goods to ensure accuracy.

Sensitive goods

These sensitive goods require sellers to prepare all the relevant information for customs review.

Here is an article about easy-to-inspect dangerous goods to help you more efficiently reduce Amazon FBA inspection rates:

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Here is a video to teach you how to better deal with Amazon FBA inspection:


Product Catalog for Amazon FBA Inspection

Generally, exported products are coded according to the customs code, and the products need to be inspected before they can be exported. Otherwise it cannot be exported from China.
If you need to shipping from China to USA, remember to check whether your products need to be inspected, or consult a professional China shipping agent.

Can you not do it? This is evasion. Some customers tried to import goods and forgot to do commodity inspection, and they were fined. The fine is enough to cover the cost of 100 commodity inspections.


Amazon FBA Inspection

Amazon FBA Inspection


Common Amazon FBA inspection products

Electrical appliances

A. Motors, electric fans, ballasts, etc. need to be inspected;
B. Small appliances need to do commodity inspection: such as electric rice cooker, soup pot, microwave oven, juicer, electric iron, hair dryer, etc.;
C. The battery needs to be inspected;


1. Lamps and lamps used for daily lighting need to be inspected;
2. It is not necessary to make lights for non-illumination purposes, such as street lights, spotlights, stage lights, etc.;

Audio-visual equipment

Video recorders, CD/VCD/DVD, stereos, speakers, equalizers, amplifiers, etc. need to be inspected;

Hardware products

There are a lot of commodity inspections to be done, including stainless steel kitchen utensils, screws, nuts, etc.;
Don’t think about saving trouble, hide the screws in the corner of the container, and if you find them, you will be fined. Also delayed delivery time.

Plant inspection

Plant products must be made, such as wooden, bamboo, straw, rattan, etc.;


Amazon FBA Inspection

Amazon FBA Inspection



Quartz clocks, hanging species, retro species, and quartz watches must be made;


A lot of woven clothing needs to be done; knitting wool, wool-free content of more than 50% should be done, and others are not: infant clothing and sports suits do not need to be done;It needs to be made if the cotton content is more than 60%;


Plastic toys, dolls, electric toys, intellectual development toys, etc.;

Ceramic products

Ceramic handicrafts, ceramic daily necessities, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, ceramics……


Everyday shoes to do;
Skates, baby shoes, and roller skates are not allowed;


Amazon IPI Score


Products that require commodity inspection are not limited to the above, here are just some of the more common ones.

If you want to reduce Amazon FBA inspection rate and learn more about Amazon product selection, click this article:

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